Vlaamse Meesters in Situ

Peter Wouters

Sint-Margrietstraat 11
9000 Gent
09 269 58 30

Flemish Masters in situ, this summer’s art’s route

From 01/06/2019 to 30/09/2020

This summer, from June 1 until September 30, the art’s route « Flemish Masters in situ » highlights masterpieces from Flemish art that are still conserved in all the regions of Flanders and Brussels in their original setting (exceptional abbey’s, churches, historical sites ...). Most of the works have been restored or endowed with new lighting of museum quality. Every work is also commented by a multilingual audio device. Contemporary art is also included on the trajectory. The art’s route « Flemish Masters in situ » is an initiative of OKV, with the support of Tourism Flanders.