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View from my window, volume 2

From 17/11/2021 - CPI : 17/11/2021

On 17 November, the second volume of the successful book View from my window is being released, nearly a year to the day after the release of the first, which sold more than 17,000 copies. As part of a radically different approach to the first, this new opus of 370 pages aims to pay homage to the many life stories that formed the success of this global phenomenon. A truly sensitive immersion in intimacy. Far from just a view, a real global community has been created. View from my window volume 2 pays homage to these relationships, connections and friendships that have been, and are still being formed. A few months ago, the windows opened again. The group is taking shape in real meetings.

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Cover, View from my window, Volume 2

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