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Smile by Weimat, the first transparent mouth mask made in belgium

From 21/01/2021

Weimat innovates and launches a new product on the boundless mouth mask market: Smile, a translucent mouth mask, 100% made in Belgium! Its special feature? The durable and reusable Smile does not need an anti-vapor spray to stay clean, unlike its foreign competitors, mainly from Germany and North America. An innovation and premiere in concept and production in the form of a translucent mask that is manufactured in Belgium and available on the entire European market! In an industry where certificates remain vague and inaccessible for complex products such as LeanMask Fashion (FFP1) or Lean Mask Med (FFP2) - partly due to their curved instead of flat shape - Alex Weiss is the only one who continues to manufacture and sell reusable masks. , throughout Belgium, but also in Germany, France and Luxembourg. Unlike the LeanMask, the transparent Smile mask is made entirely from recycled plastic. This new, relaxed mouth mask is a “contact” mask fitted with an FFP2 filter (the filter is certified, the mask is not). It is ideal for professional meetings, gatherings among friends or family or by extension for any occasion where exchange and dialogue are paramount. For the elderly, in particular, this mask offers the opportunity to see the faces of their family again. You can see the smile or the expression of your conversation partner again, and even read their lips if they articulate well. The mask is a real added value for people in certain professions such as speech therapists, teachers, etc. This innovative mouth mask also brings relief for people who wear glasses and no longer want to be bothered by the shape of the mask or the vapor on their glasses! Smile can be washed off with water and a little soap (not in the dishwasher like the LeanMask). The FFP2 filter should be replaced every day to ensure safety. There are several ways to fasten the mask for comfortable use with 2 or 3 straps (see technical data sheet). It can be wiped off by gently dabbing the mask, so as not to damage the integrated anti-fog.

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SmileMask © Weimat

SmileMask © Weimat

Smile Mask © Weimat