Photographies de Thierry Dubrunfaut, ​125 ans de la FEB

Thierry Dubrunfaut - Photographe

Exhibition of photographs by Thierry Dubrunfaut

From 05/03/2020 to 30/04/2020 - CPI : 03/03/2020

For its 125th anniversary, the FEB (Fédération des Entreprises de Belgique) has chosen to highlight the incredible diversity and aesthetic potential of the Belgian industry. The photographer Thierry Dubrunfaut is the author of this artistic trajectory. Since more than ten years, he explores various companies. The exhibition will open its doors in Bozaron March 4, 2020. Afterwards it will travel to three other Belgian cities: Ghent, Mons and Antwerp. The curator of the exhibition is Wivine de Traux who also coordinates the catalogue that accompanies this project that is initiated by FEB. From the details the artist is aiming his camera at over mega structures that exist of various layers, everybody can ask questions in front of these enigmatic works, realised without any digital rendering afterwards. What are these? Thierry Dubrunfaut pictures resemble dream machines. The spectator is invited to compose his own story. Isn’t that what one expects from art: set thoughts in motion in order to find one’s strength to exist?

portrait Thierry Dubrunfaut © Thierry Dubrunfaut