trinkhall museum

Marie Remacle - Communication Coordinator

Parc d'Avroy
4000 Liège


Carl Havelange - Artistic Director


Opening of Trinkhall museum (Liege)

From 20/03/2020 - CPI : 19/03/2020

TEMPORARILY CLOSED UNTIL APRIL 3 The architectural renovation and the reopening of the iconic « Trink-Hall », previously Madmusée and Madcafé, takes shape in the Parc d’Avroy in Liège and will be inaugurated in March 2020. In March 2020, the cultural offer of the city of Liège will have a new museum. The renovation of this building (and its iconic café) in the heart of the Parc d’Avroy, in the centre of Liège, is supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the city of Liège and the asbl Créahm, Walloon region. Almost 3000 works of art that have been realised by mentally handicapped people during workshops are conserved and presented to the public. The exhibition spaces that are dedicated to the collection cover 400 m2 at the first floor of the museum, but there are also venues for temporary exhibitions. The restoration of the building was entrusted to the Atelier d’Architecture Beguin-Massart. The renovation and extension of the building is translated towards a daring, transparent envelop that encapsulates the old building from the 1960 in its architectural structure. In the spring of 2020, the museum will reintegrate its building and change its name. This change of name comes from the affirmation of an identity and a new exhibition programme. The opening is the realisation and the result of a long process. But it is also the occasion to ask questions and to rethink the museum project.

Musee_ideal(c)Alain_ Meert(c)M_Thies_collection_Trinkhall_museum.jpg
Alain Meert, Le musée idéal, 2019. Atelier : Créahm Liège (BE) © M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum. vidéo montage : https://vimeo.com/376785866

Pascale Vincke, 1990. Atelier : Créahm Bruxelles, (BE).©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum

School_Bus(c)Adal Shah(c)M_Thies_collection_Trinkhall_museum.jpg
Shah Adal, School Bus, 1990. Atelier : Kingsburry Day Special School, Londres (GB). ©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum.

(c)Pascal Duquenne(c)M_Thies-Collection_Trinkhall_museum.jpg
Pascal Duquenne, 2005. Atelier : Créahm Bruxelles (BE).©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum

Andrea Wellens, 1993. Atelier : Zonnelied, Roosdael (BE). ©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum.

Salvatore Pirchio, 2010. Atelier : Blu Camello, Livourne (IT).©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum

(c)Hanocq Patrick(c)M_Thies_collection_ Trinkhall_museum.jpg
Patrick Hanocq, 1999. Atelier : Créahm, Liège (BE). ©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum.

Alexis Lippstreu, 2011. Atelier : La Pommeraie, Ellignies-Ste-Anne (BE).©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum

Philippe Langen, s.d. Atelier : Le Créahm, Liège (BE).©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum

Marinella Parente, avant 2011. Atelier : Blu Camello, Livourne (IT).©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum

(c)Damianakes_ Kerry(c)M_Thies_collection_ Trinkhall_museum.jpg
Kerry Damianakes. Atelier : Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland (USA). ©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum.

Cattebeke_ Christine(c)M_Thies_collection_ Trinkhall_museum.jpg.jpg
Christine Cattebeke, 2007. Atelier : De Zandberg, Harelbeke (BE). ©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum.

Roland Buyse, 2001. Atelier : Créahm Bruxelles (BE). ©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum.

(c)Adolpho_Avril(c)M_Thies_collection_ trinkhall_museum.jpg.jpg
Adolpho Avril, 2008. Atelier : La Hesse, Vielsalm (BE). ©M.Thies/collection Thrinkhal lmuseum.

(c)Michel_Petiniot(c)M_Thies_collection_ Trinkhall_museum.jpg
Michel Petiniot, 2018. Atelier : Créahm, Liège (BE). ©M.Thies/collection Trinkhall museum.

Vue de chantier, Trinkhall museum © Beguin Massart © Alain Janssens

Trinkhall museum Liege © M Thies Creahm.be

Vue de chantier, Trinkhall museum © Beguin Massart © Alain Janssens

Vue de chantier, Trinkhall museum © Beguin Massart © Alain Janssens

Trinkhall museum Liege © M Thies Creahm.be

Vue de chantier © Trinkhall museum

Vue de chantier © Trinkhall museum

Vue de chantier © Trinkhall museum

Vue de chantier © Trinkhall museum

Vue de chantier © Trinkhall museum

Vue de chantier © Trinkhall.museum

Intégration. Vue générale © Atelier Architecture Beguin Massart © Trinkhall museum

Portrait Carl Havelange

Aloys Beguin et Brigitte Massart

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