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Exhibition Jeanne Susplugas - I Was in the Park When Everything Rocked

From 29/05/2021 to 29/08/2021

From 29 May to 29 August 2021, the Musée en plein air du Sart Tilman will be presenting an exhibition by the French artist Jeanne Susplugas, who will be exhibiting a wide range of works in the Agora area of the university campus. From three-dimensional installations to street posters, murals and sound, Jeanne Susplugas presents a series of evocations of the twists and turns of the human soul: fears, obsessions, addictions, intimate questioning... Very often inspired by everyday motifs, the installations provoke an attractive familiarity in the visitors' minds, tinged with a bittersweet feeling that can sometimes turn into a cold and grating impression.

Communiqué de presse

Press release

Control-2017(c)Jeanne Susplugas(c)Musee en plein air du Sart Tilman

Ecouter raconter, 2021 © Jeanne Susplugas © Musée en plein air du Sart Tilman


Nichoir, 2012 © Jeanne Susplugas © Musée en plein air du Sart Tilman

Hair, 2010 © Jeanne Susplugas © Musée en plein air du Sart Tilman

La maison malade, 1999 - 2021 © Jeanne Susplugas © Musée en plein air du Sart Tilman


In my brain © Jeanne Susplugas © Photo Jean-Pierre Gaspard © Musée en plein air du Sart Tilman