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- CPI : 17/11/2021

Milan, July 6, 2021 – Today, Marcolin cuts the ribbon on its new offices in Milan, a contemporary space for dialogue that well represents the Company’s path in terms of evolution, growth, and consolidation as one of the leading businesses in the global eyewear industry. The new Marcolin offices, spread over two floors, are located in a neoclassical building overlooking Corso Venezia, in front of the Planetarium, thus allowing the Company to strengthen its physical presence in Milan, Italy’s largest financial and economic hub, as well as its virtual presence, thanks to a new digital-conceived showroom equipped with video infrastructure that can digitally show the entire space while shooting close-ups of the eyewear in order to capture all its details. The creation of a new hub in Milan on Marcolin’s 60th anniversary is part of a broader efficient corporate development strategy. A place where the Company’s commercial and operational needs can meet those in terms of communication and dialogue. Together with the historic Longarone headquarters, the new spaces in Milan will enable the Company to further attract new talents. The interiors of the new offices in Corso Venezia 50 merge, in a consistent and simple way, all the distinctive features of Marcolin, from its origins to its future direction, providing ample functional space to showcase the new eyewear collections, as well as private working spaces. Safety and flexibility favor personnel mobility between offices. The design choices focus on three aspects: black and white as a functional and aesthetic theme, where total white identifies the operational spaces, while total black defines the representative areas; the accurate design of certain functional elements, such as directional tables; the creation of truly unique and one-of-a-kind pictures where the subject – the eyewear – is broken up into the smallest details and then accurately reassembled: a universal language that speaks of the Company’s manufacturing capacity. The wood flooring on all floors, the lounge over the vault at the entrance overlooking the Planetarium, the showroom that, thanks to its large size, can host an exhibition continuum that conveys a comprehensive view of Marcolin’s eyewear collections, together with the functionality of the working spaces, are the distinctive traits of the new hub.

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Entrance, Corso Venezia, new hub in Milano © Marcolin

Showroom, new hub in Milano © Marcolin

Lounge, new hub in Milano © Marcolin