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Exhibition - The world of Clovis

From 13/02/2021 to 13/06/2021 - CPI : 03/04/2021

From 13 February 2021, the Royal Museum of Mariemont and the Walloon Heritage Agency will immerse you in the early Middle Ages and the fascinating world of the Merovingians (450-750 AD). The exhibition 'The World of Clovis, Merovingian Itineraries' brings together an anthology of archaeological objects from Belgium and Europe, inviting you to rediscover this unique period in our history. The amalgamation of the Roman heritage and the Germanic influences creates innovations in various areas; the Merovingian kingdom is luminous, dynamic and open to the world around it. The exhibition in the Royal Museum of Mariemont brings a true synthesis of the most recent research and discoveries about the Merovingians. It also resonates with those of our partners from Mons and Tournai, who focus on Saint Waltrude and the remains of the royal city. Together these exhibitions renew the view that the public can have of the men and women of the Middle Ages, our ancestors who appear so far but so close in many ways!