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Leanmask the 100% Belgian reusable and durable mask by Weimat

From 16/08/2020 - CPI : 19/01/2021

Since the end of April, Weimat, a family firm established in Eupen and specialising in the design, moulding and manufacture of accessories as well as in precision mechanics, has developed the production of a 100% Belgian reusable and durable mask in its high-tech workshops. It is a leak-tight mask that can be washed easily in the dishwasher.A ‘made in Belgium’ solution to the current overconsumption of disposable surgical masks. Following market demand, the company has developed a new model called the LeanMask which is innovative, light and supple. Its name is a wink to the automotive sector: Lean manufacturing which is clean, local production, seeking the right response to the customer's requirement while improving quality and eliminating waste. About the mask... The reusable, recyclable and durable mask sold by Weimat is a light and supple plastic mask made from the synthetic material TPE (not irritating to the skin). Two models have been developed. LeanMask Day, the equivalent of the surgical mask often called the 'citizen mask'. It is used with an FFP1 filter. And LeanMask Med: with thin lips around its contour, LeanMask Med is very leak-tight and hugs the curves of the face and nose. It may be used with an FFP2 filter. The only part of the mask that has to be replaced daily is a small rechargeable fibre filter (FFP1/FFP2 certified) that is supplied to Weimat by a neighbouring firm. The mask may be attached to either the ears or the back of the head, with two supple adjustable plastic ties. All the parts (except for the small piece of filter fabric) may be washed in soap and water, in the dishwasher or in the washing machine. A certified medical plastic variant is also available for specialist sectors and may be reconditioned in a sterilisation machine that is found in hospitals. The product is comparable to the durable plastic mask sold today on the global market by Playmobil or Appel. Unlike the latter two masks, its price is very attractive (10 euros) and decreases according to the quantities required. It may be ordered from 20 items per batch.

Communiqué de presse LeanMask MED certification FR

Communiqué de presse LeanMask, 2021

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