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LeanMask & Team Belgium

From 09/06/2021 to 08/08/2021 - CPI : 09/06/2021

Once again, the LeanMask convinces with its qualities: durable, protective, comfortable, elegant and above all made in Belgium! 600 mouth masks, produced by the Weimat company on the occasion of the opening of the Olympic Boutique, will be made available to all members of the Olympic delegation of Team Belgium. Each team is equipped with the LeanMask, completely in white, equipped with an FFP2 filter and marked with the logo of the delegation. Team Belgium? is pleased to collaborate with the LeanMask. It is very important for the delegation to work with a Belgian brand, whose production is in Belgium? takes place! For Alex Weis, CEO of the Belgian company Weimat, it is “a source of pride to see the LeanMask contribute to the smooth running of this prestigious event and to ensure the safety of the greatest Belgian athletes and the accompanying sports teams”.

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LeanMask for Team Belgium © Weimat

Florent Van Aubel, TomBoon, Cedric Charlier, Belgian Hockey Players, pictured wearing LeanMask mouthmask during a photoshoot for the Belgian Olympic Committee BOIC - COIBahead...