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La Menuiserie (Novacitis) - Me, Myself & I

From 19/09/2020 to 25/10/2020

« Me, Myself and I », by Pieter-Jan Valgaeren. Pieter Jan Valgaeren (Hasselt, 1980) is a curator, researcher and lecturer. From his background in art history and law he specialises in new media, hybrid art forms, technology and intellectual property. He’s been published on different topics such as IP rights in the digital age, social media, media philosophy and art in the public domain. Since 2014, he is the artistic director of Stadstriennale Hasselt-Genk, for which he has curated Trademarks (2016) and SCREEN IT (2019-2020), a festival focussing on the impact of our current screen-culture on the arts. «Me, Myself and I» questions the role of screens, especially social networks, in the construction of our identity and ego through the digital «mirror». Some artists today use the Internet and social networks as an artistic platform and play with the codes, forms and legal restrictions of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram to assert their singularity, they militate and push the limits of censorship. With : Arvida Byström (SW), Tabita Rezaire (FR), Molly Soda (US), Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion (FR) and Olga Fedorova (RU).

Selfportrait © Arvida Byström (La Menuiserie/Novacitis, Me Myself and I)

From the series Alone Online © Arvida BYSTRÖM. (La Menuiserie/Novacitis, Me, Myself and I)

(c)Arvida Bystroem.jpg
© Arvida Byström

Dancing Plague © Molly SODA. (La Menuiserie/Novacitis, Me, Myself and I)

Portrait © Molly Soda

Seneb © Tabita Rezaire

UltraWet_RoyalStandard(c)Tabita Rezaire.jpg
Ultra Wet Royal Standard © Tabita Rezaire

View of the show © Tabita Rezaire

Portrait(c)Pieter-Jan Valgaeren(c)Kristof Vrancken.jpg
Portrait de Pieter-Jan Valgaeren © Kristof Vrancken

Portrait © Tabita Rezaire

Spider Woman © Olga Fedorova

Party Next Door, Hd animation, 1,01mins, 2019 © Olga FEDOROVA

Portrait © Olga Fedorova