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Anne-Françoise Lesuisse - Art Director

La Galerie Satellite - Alice Pallot - L'Île Himero

From 19/09/2020 to 25/10/2020

In 2018, Alice Pallot conducted a project on two active volcanoes, in Vulcano and in Stromboli, in collaboration with scientists and inhabitants of the region. For a number of them, the volcanic eruptions are related to divine interventions. This project culminated in a photographic series L’Île Himero (Himero Island). For hundreds of years, people and scientists have looked to understand how and why the elements of a volcano change when it starts erupting. Despite scientific progress, certain volcanic eruptions remain unpredictable… “I made this series following a meeting with a volcanologist born on the Island of Stromboli that has an unconditional link with the volcano. In these images I combine anecdotes and scientific facts to give a new perspective on volcanoes. Through an almost supernatural journey, I retrace the experience I lived. I therefore am gradually inviting the spectator into the perimeter of the volcano on Himero Island, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.” (Alice Pallot) Through a colourful and mysterious aesthetic, the spectator is drawn into a parallel universe inspired by reality: plants having evolved differently due to the fertile earth of the volcanoes, a mouth spitting sulfur crystals at a very high temperature, molluscs found on the black and sparkling sand of the volcano.

Volcanic eruption, l'Ile Himero, 2018 © Alice PALLOT

Black glove experiment, l'iIle Himero,2018 © Alice PALLOT

Footprints-l_Ile Himero-2018(c)Alice_PALLOT.jpg
Footprints, l'Ile Himero, 2018 © Alice PALLOT

Portrait ©Alice Pallot