mudia, art differently

Henrard Tanguy - Manager MUDIA

Place de l'Esro
6890 Redu


Die Sammlung

- CPI : 06/09/2018

In September2018, a new cultural attraction – museum opened in the Province of Luxemburg. With more than 300 works following a specific didactic approach, the opening of MUDIA was one of the not too miss events of the year 2018 on the Belgian national scene. Set up by a Belgian art lover and supported by Belgian and international collections, MUDIA unites many important art works from big names from the renaissance until now, with artists like Veronese, Brueghel, Rodin, Spilliaert, Van Dongen, Wouters, Picasso, Modigliani, Giacometti, Magritte, Hergé, Franquin, Geluck, etc. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, comic books, photographs, film,… are united in a playful, digital and high-tech trajectory, in several chapters that invite the public to participate while giving him/ her the opportunity to learn and understand art history and its evolution in a playful way. An animation film explaining art history and its various currents has been specially produced for MUDIA and is proposed to visitors and children. Around forty games, animated tableaux, videos or amusing tests also animate the visit that takes place over twenty rooms and covers seven centuries of art history. MUDIA is located in the heart of the village Redu, that is already known as the Village of Books, in an old parsonage entirely renovated by an architectural firm from the region.