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Laura Dombret - Communication Officer

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Jean-Marc Gay - Directeur


La Boverie - Le Louvre : The museum

Over the last ten years, the city of Liège has shown an ambitious plan of urban renewal with the most modern infrastructure regarding mobility and culture: TGV station, opera, theatre, wharfs of the Meuse, museums, movie theatres,….Investments that have redressed the city in favour of its inhabitants and visitors of tomorrow. In 2016, a new exhibition centre of an international level will be added to the dynamics of this urban redevelopment: BOVERIE. It is the next master asset of a qualitative, accessible and diversified cultural offer. A partnership with LE LOUVRE will take place by means of an annual exhibition of an international dimension. The first exhibition will take place from May 5, 2016 onwards. Conceived as a unique and new experience for the visitor, the exhibition is built up around the pictorial representation of open-air entertainment. The works come from the collection of Liège, the Louvre and European and American museums. This entertainment, like walks in parks, will soon also take place along the riverside and the sea: Renoir, Manet, Monet, Evenepoel and others painted such joyful or contemplative scenes. Around hundred of works, from the XVIIIe to the XXth century, including 70 from foreign collections, tell the story of this new relationship between man and nature. The museum’s renovation and extension is realised by the architects Rudy Ricciotti in collaboration with the Liège architecture firm Hautecler P. et Dumont P. The museum’s director is Jean-Marc Gay.