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Marta Materassi - Media planner Marcolin SPA


Isabelle Moes - Directrice Marcolin Benelux


Guess Eyewear Spring / Summer 2021

The new Spring/Summer 2021 Guess eyewear collection features glamorous, sexy styles inspired by the alluring world of Guess. The women’s collection features easy-to-wear, feminine shapes designed for the confident, fashionable woman, while the men’s collection features strong, updated classics for a contemporary, masculine offering. Elements of the brand’s DNA appear throughout the collection, including the use of Guess’s distinct triangle logo, red coloring, animal prints, and elegant jewel detailing. These elements connect the eyewear collection with the greater brand and reference other product categories, such as denim, jewelry, and accessories. Also featured in this collection is the Guess peony logo, which is referenced from the patterns found in the ready-to-wear collection. Unique to the men’s collection is a rectangular G logo that offers a strong, masculine effect. The hero silhouette of the season is the shield that offers a confident, fashion-forward look. The Guess shields are elevated through a beveling detail that creates a unique, three-dimensional effect, making the perfect, on-trend statement.

Persbericht Spring/Summer 2021

Pressemitteilung Spring / Summer 2021

Press Release Spring / Summer 2021


GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 7733 32W 01, 100euros


GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 7750 32G 01, 125euros

GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 7741 83Z 01, 100 €

GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 7754 74U 01, 135euros

GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 7698 93P 01, 90euros

GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 7689_01B_01-125euros

GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 7682 01B 01, 99euros

GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 00012 32W 01, 100 €

GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 00010 32N 01, 100euros


GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 2829 032 01, 125 €

GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 2820 001 01, 135euros

GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 2822 001 01, 135 €


GUESS Eyewear, Mod. 2830 083 01, 125 €