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Raf Van Severen - Director

Godefriduskaai 52
2000 Antwerpen
0032 (0)495 54 14 11

Gallery Raf Van Severen presents Virtual Vitrine 2021

From 17/09/2021 to 26/09/2021 - CPI : 17/09/2021

The last two weekends of September, 17-19th and 24-26st September, two young emerging artists can be discovered at Galerie Raf Van Severen in Antwerp, where Raf van Severen and Maya Bogaert give budding talents the chance to exhibit their work in the display case of the gallery on the Eilandje. This way, the contemporary art gallery wants to nullify the effects of the corona crisis and still offer young artists a platform to market their work. Collage artist Lebassile and draftsman Ellen De Vos will be put in the spotlight on social media for a week and will receive a two-day pop-up exhibition in the showcase of Galerie Raf Van Severen. Lebassile, the pseudonym of the visual artist Isabelle, listens to the stories of objects and images from the past. She literally and figuratively cuts these stories into pieces, bringing old historical energy back to life in the collages she creates. Ellen De Vos creates detailed pencil drawings that she incorporates into larger installations and works. She mainly draws inspiration from nature, from plants and animals, where she gives free rein to her imagination.


Communiqué de presse

Virtual/Vitrine, Raf_Van_Severen © Fotograaf Maya Bogaert

Virtual/Vitrine, Maya Bogaert © Fotograaf Sara Vermeylen

Josse De Maesschalck, VirtualVitrine, Expo2020 © Foto Maya Bogaert

A Crow in Spring © Luis Manuel Lambrechts © Virtual/Vitrine

Untitled © Lebasille © Virtual/Vitrine

Colorblind I, 2021 © Ellen De Vos © Virtual/Vitrine

Maya Bogaert © Virtual/Vitrine

Raf Van Severen © Foto Maya Bogaert (c) Virtual/Vitrine