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Anja Bücherl - Communication Coordinator

+32 (0) 4 220 88 82

Anne-Françoise Lesuisse - Art Director

Galerie Les Drapiers - Jean-Luc Petit - Dessins, fer et carbone

From 19/09/2020 to 25/10/2020

The artist’s working process leads him this time to use the properties of cast iron and its components: iron, carbon and graphite precipitation. Paper is also taken to its limits. The image and the print are questioned in the same way as the trame, the grid pattern and the abstraction. Jean-Luc Petit shows us here drawings, or suites of drawings, expressing empty, full, tension, depth but also the idea of falsehood, error, of reproduction… This exhibition extends his in situ intervention at La Menuiserie.

A l'atelier © Jean Luc-Petit © Les Drapiers

Acrylique sur toile, 220x 136, 2019 - Galerie Les Drapiers © Jean-Luc Petit

Vue d'exposition - Les Drapiers © Jean-Luc Petit


A l'atelier-1 - Dessins, fer et carbone, 2020 ©Jean-Luc Petit ©Les Drapiers

Détail d'exposition-3 - Dessins, fer et carbone, 2020 ©Jean-Luc Petit ©Les Drapiers

Relevé_sensible_1-BIP_2020_La_Menuiserie (c)Jean-Luc_Petit.jpg
Relevé sensible 1 - BIP 2020 ©Jean-Luc Petit ©La Menuiserie

Relevé_sensible_2-BIP_2020_La Menuiserie(c)Jean-Luc_Petit.jpg
Relevé sensible 2 - BIP 2020 ©Jean-Luc Petit © La Menuiserie

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