brussels design september 2020 is confirmed

Elizabeth Djamdjiev - Event Manager

+32 473 843 923 / +32 2 349 35 57

Jean de Gheldere - General Manager

Tél. +32 349 35 95

Focus : Ceramics

Every year, Brussels Design September choses to showcase an artistic medium, through exhibitions, conferences and an art and craft course. This focus allows us to shed light on the actors in the creative sector, which contributes to the pride of Brussels' know-how. The reasons that led us to develop a path around ceramics in Brussels are simple but essential: the development of our creators, the excitement of commercial activity, and the excellent education provided in the Brussels region. Our wish is to give place to the meeting between the work of the Brussels creators and the public. More than 10 workshops and places of creation will open their doors to the public for a weekend where everyone will have the opportunity to present their work methods and creations. In addition, a group exhibition, located Rue des Palais in AREA 42, is curated by Jean-François Declerc and Aurélien Gendras.