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Exhibition - World Press Photo 2021

From 30/10/2021 to 30/12/2021 - CPI : 29/10/2021

From 30 October 2021 to 30 December 2021, La Cit Miroir in Liège welcomes the winners of the World Press Photo Prize 2021, which highlights the best photos of 2020, at the invitation of the non-profit organization Territoires de la Mémoire. This annual photojournalism competition rewards professional photographers for their best photos and for their contribution to photojournalism. Both impressive and compelling, the 150 photos presented give us a snapshot of the world as it is. The photos presented for this new edition delve into the heart of current events such as the covid-19 pandemic, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the Black Lives Matter protests. But it also shows us some contemporary realities about lifestyles and cultures in the world, our environment and even our societies. These images tell us poignant stories where life is sometimes tragic and frightening, but also full of hope, compassion and humanity.

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California Sea Lion Plays with Mask © Ralph Pace © World Press Photo

One Way to Fight Climate Change: Make Your Own Glaciers © Ciril Jazbec, Slovenia © for National Geographic © World Press Photo

COVID-19 Pandemic in France © Laurence Geai © World Press Photo

New Life © Jaime Culebras © World Press Photo

In Flight © Tatiana Nikitina © World Press Photo

Niewybuch © Natalia Kepesz © World Press Photo

the Year Nominee © Luis Tato © for The Washington Post © World Press Photo

the Year Nominee © Mads Nissen Politiken © Panos Pictures © World Press Photo

the Year Nominee © Lorenzo Tugnoli © Contrasto for The Washington Post © World Press Photo

the Year Nominee © Evelyn Hockstein © for The Washington Post © World Press Photo

© Jeremy Lempin © World Press Photo

the Year Nominee © Valery Melnikov Sputnik © World Press Photo