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Benjamin Zurstrassen

Rue Américaine, 27
1060 Bruxelles

Exhibition - Marie-Ange Guilleminot shows new work in Maison Horta

From 04/09/2019 to 15/12/2019

The Horta Museum invites the French visual and performance artist Marie-Ange Guilleminot in this masterpiece of art nouveau. It is a logical dialogue between the architect, famous for his savoir-faire and refinement, and the special world of Marie-Ange Guilleminont, known for her alphabet of forms and sculptures that can be ‘activated’. Both artists’ savoir-faire expresses a unique personal vision. Marie-Ange Guilleminot, who previously had exhibitions in the house of Pierre Loti, Villa Savoye and Villa Noailles in France, loves to dive into places that have an interesting history, while maintaining her DNA as a visual artist. In the Horta Museum, she plays with the curves of the building, its transparencies and light. As if the works have always been there. At the same time, they invite the visitor to a new experience. There is a natural dialogue between both artists and their influences: from William Morris over Japan, a passion they both share. The trajectory illustrates a passion for materials: silk, cotton, wool, .. Take the work ‘Le livre de seuil’ that welcomes the visitor at the entrance: it has poetic proportions that bring the daily life in the house back to life in a game of correspondences with materials: exotic wood, stone, bronze,.. The scenography of the exhibition takes in the entire house. There are plates in ‘Service alvéloe’ in the living room, a play with light and matter in ‘Iko’ and ‘Kimono mémoire de Hiroshima’ next to the bath, the ‘Garde-robe made in France’ in the room of the master of the house…In Horta’s office, you can see ‘Paravent’ and ‘Salon de transformation’ with its special shape on a big table, with next to it ‘Chapeau-vie’, a textile work and iconic piece by the artist. Marie-Ange Guilleminont loves dialogues. And she does so with respect for this architectural gem. (Nathalie Guiot, curator)