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Alain Mager - Administrateur général

Gare TGV Liège-Guillemins
4000 Liège
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Exhibition - Generation 80 Experience

From 22/09/2018 to 01/09/2019 - CPI : 28/05/2019

After the Golden Sixties, marked notably by the events of May 1968, EUROPA EXPO is proud to present GENERATION 80's EXPERIENCE or freedom regained! The world was split in two, the East clashed with the West, freedom and prosperity were in conflict with censorship and austerity! Whilst politicians bust a gut to build walls, citizens dreamed of building bridges and communicating with each other. The end of economic growth, industrial modernisation, political crises and environmental challenges were all concerns that encouraged greater realism, humanism, solidarity and the desire to overcome the divisions of “left versus right” or “capitalism versus communism”. At the same time, globalisation was weaving its web and becoming a reality affecting everybody, as the world became a big village! It was also the time of the enthusiastic youths who reinvented the world, challenging the codes of language and etiquette, young people who felt the blast of the wind of new freedom, which had hatched in 1968. Society was called into question and underwent a crisis in values. Science seemed helpless in the face of a new epidemic: AIDS. GENERATION 80’s EXPERIENCE paints a broad panorama and follows a stimulating path through the evolution of music, cinema, TV, comedy, comics, design and fashion during this decade, not forgetting sport also. At the same time, hope of a better world emerged... The Berlin Wall came tumbling down on the night of 9th to 10th November 1989.