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Francis Tourneur - Director

Rue des pieds d'Alouette, 11
5100 Nanine
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Exhibition - Serial Eater

From 29/03/2020 to 26/07/2020

The SERIAL EATER exhibition dissects thirty years of experimentation and reflection on the “food object”. Since its development in the 1990suntil its current involution, Food design analysis will help offer an understanding of how consumption habits and our awareness of the food system haveevolved. What type of consumers are we, how do we assess our impact in the current scenario and what are we going to accept on our plates? In a sometimes anxiety-provokingapproach to the futureof food, Food design questions our behaviour, desires and doubts as eaters. It alsoproposes a more entertaining vision of our relationship to food, whilst not forgetting its primary objective: nourishing our stomachs, eyes and minds. Curator: Benjamin Stoz