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Exhibition : Margaret Harrison

From 20/02/2021 to 23/05/2021 - CPI : 20/02/2021

Margaret Harrison's work makes its Belgian debut at BPS22, following her first major retrospective exhibition in 2018 at 49 Nord 6 Est - FRAC Lorraine, Metz. She is considered an influential figure in the feminist art movement in Great Britain. For more than 50 years, this socially engaged artist has developed a realm of thought honing in on the notions of social class and gender. Curated by Fanny Gonella, the director of FRAC Lorraine, the exhibition Danser sur les missiles highlights the diversity of Harrison's practice as an artist with installations, paintings, drawings and texts. Harrison continues to challenge the visual canons that shape the representation of women in society.


View of the show - Exposition Danser sur les Missiles, 2021 © BPS22 © FRAC Occitanie Toulouse A droite : The Sky above Greenham, 1989 © Margaret Harrison © Courtsey...

Beautiful Ugly Violence, 2003-2004, Exposition Danser sur les Missiles, 2021 © Margaret Harrison © BPS2 © Courtesy de l'artiste et ADN Galeria © Photo Leslie Artamonow

Greenham Common (Common Reflections), 1989-2013(c)Margaret_Harrison(c)BPS22


View_of_the_show-Danser_sur_les_Missiles_2021(c)Margaret Harrison(c) BPS22(c)Photo_Leslie_Artamonow.jpg
View of the show - Danser sur les Missiles, 2021 © Margaret Harrison © BPS22 © Photo Leslie Artamonow

Margaret_Harrison-Captain_America_II- 1997-Courtesy_Nicolas_Krupp-Basel(c)Photo_Serge_Hasenböhler.jpg
Margaret Harrison, Captain America II, 1997 © Courtesy Nicolas Krupp - Basel © Photo Serge Hasenböhler

Margaret Harrison - Marilyn, 1998 © Courtesy ADN Galeria -Barcelone(c)Photo_Fred_Dott-

Margaret_Harrison-Good_Enough_to_Eat(4)-1971(c)Collection_particulière(c)Photo_Nicolas Brasseur.jpg
Margaret Harrison - Good Enough to Eat (4) , 1971 © Collection particulière © Photo Nicolas Brasseur


Margaret_Harrison-He_s_Only_a_Bunny_Boy_But_He_s_Quite_Nice_Really-1971-2011(c)Collection_49_Nord_6_Est – Frac Lorraine(c)Photo_Fred_Dott-.jpg
Margaret Harrison - He's Only a Bunny Boy But He's Quite Nice Really, 1971-2011 © Collection 49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine © Photo Fred Dott

Land_Landscape Australia_England_1982-2019-Courtesy_ADN Galeria_Barcelone(c)Photo_ Fred-Dott-.jpg
Land Landscape Australia, England, 1982-2019 © Courtesy ADN Galeria, Barcelone © Photo Fred Dott-

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