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Exhibition - Licht & Farbe - Helen Calder (NZ), Christoph Dahlhausen (DE); Katharina Grosse (DE) und

From 09/09/2021 to 09/10/2021 - CPI : 08/09/2021

The exhibition places into dialogue different practices that concern themselves with aspects of ‘light, paint and colour’ in a fundamental, non-narrative manner. Such cross-referencing and differing legibilities enable an extension and renewal of the just-seen. In this exhibition ‘Licht & Farbe’ Esther Verhaeghe Art Concepts will show pain- tings as wallworks, objects and spacial installations, including light installations using fluorescent light tubes. Esther Verhaeghe Art Concepts is proud to present Katharina Grosse, Christoph Dahlhausen and New Zealand based Helen Calder for the first time, the latter one even for the first time in Europe. We are looking forward to a reunion with the works of Christine Reifenberger, who has held an important artistic position in the gallery for years.

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view of the show © Christoph Dahlhausen

view of the show © Christoph Dahlhausen

view of the show © Christoph Dahlhausen

BRLO 2016 - Acryl auf Bierflasche je 24x6x6cm © Katharina Grosse

oT 1994 - Acryl auf LW - 70x94,1cm © Katharina Grosse

Bodies (2020) - 44 x 34 cm (Mercedes Jaspis Blau) © Christoph Dahlaussen

Polychrome Stack 2020 - Acryl, Stahl - 130x28x28cm © Helen Calder

Magenta Violet 2020 - Acryl, pulverbeschichteter Stahl - 81x31cm © Helen Calder

Small Windows III, 2020_Fotofilter und Fotolinsen, 2-K-Kleber, Edelstahlnägel61,6x42,4cm © Christoph Dahlaussen