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Exhibition - Bye Bye Future! L'art de voyager dans le temps

From 26/05/2020 to 25/10/2020 - CPI : 23/01/2020

REOPENED FROM MAY 26TH ON. The Musée royal de Mariemont presents an exhibition about time-space travelling in art, entitled "Bye Bye Future! The Art of Time Travelling". The exhibition wants to explore the fiction and artistic production that tried to materialize this popular fascination that combines fear and hope for the future. Retrofuturism, cyberpunk or steampunk… these are all expressions for alternative futures that both contain nostalgia for an idealized past and fear for the present or future. This elaboration of utopias and dystopias goes hand in hand with important cultural and social paradigm changes like the industrialization of the XIXth century, the European reconstruction after World War II, globalization, the arrival of the internet or artificial intelligence.



view of the show © Musée Royal de Mariemont

view of the show © Musée Royal de Mariemont

view of the show © Musée Royal de Mariemont

Necropole commerciale, 2016 © Fred Biesmans © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Mother knows best 2012, Galerie Aeroplastics © ADAGP Paris 2020 © Katia Bourdarel © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Nono le Robot By Protheus Workshop © A Dorlet © Bye Bye Future Mariemont


Panamarenko-Paradox 1980-86-Musée dIxelles(c)Photo_Vincent_Everarts(c)Bye_Bye_Future_Mariemont.jpg
Panamarenko Paradox 1980 86, Musée dIxelles © Photo Vincent Everarts © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Paris la Nuit, Le xxe siècle,1880 © Albert Robida © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Serie "Mickey is also a rat", Micky Fucky 2010 © Photo Fabrice Bertin Maghit © Nicolas Rubinstein © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

SF 2019 © Olivier Deprez Wrek © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Untitled (Counter Strike Nuke 06) © Studio Wim Delvoye Sabam © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Goldorak_2010(c)Pierre _et_Gilles(c)Courtesy_ Galerie_Daniel_Templon.jpg.jpg
Goldorak, 2010 © Pierre et Gilles, Courtesy Galerie Daniel Templon © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Le_chateau_ dementiel-2016(c)Francois_Wagner(c)Photo_ Michel_Lechien(c)Bye_Bye_Future_Mariemont.jpg
Le château démentiel, 2016 © Francois Wagner © Photo Michel Lechien © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Ornitoplane_en_vol(c)Luc_ Schuiten(c)Bye_Bye_Future_Mariemont.jpg
Ornitoplane en vol © Luc Schuiten © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Tetsuwan_Atomu -Astro_ Boy-1962-64(c)Osamu_Tezuka(c)The_Art_of _Anime-coll_Spacher_ Vogler.jpg
Tetsuwan Atomu -Astro Boy, 1962 © Osamu_Tezuka © The Art of Anime-coll Spacher Vogler © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Geriko-Helene_Jeudy_ Antoine Caecke-ANVIL- 2016(c)Geriko(c)Bye_bye_Future_Mariemont.jpg
Geriko (Helene Jeudy & Antoine Caecke), ANVIL- 2016 © Geriko © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

Rat_op_een_slak-2018(c)Carolein_Smit(c)Photo_ Winnifred_Limburg.jpg
Rat op een slak, 2018 © Carolein Smit © Photo Winnifred Limburg © Bye Bye Future Mariemont

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