diesel eyewear

Diesel eyewear Winter 2021-22

The new Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Diesel Eyewear collection clearly expresses the brand’s distinctive rock ‘n’ roll attitude: It is bold with a dash of authentic, unconventional irreverence. This season, these sunglasses and optical frames—conveying an appealing allure with a touch of transgression—are ready to take the fashion world by storm. The stylish lightweight metal frames, many with slim profiles, highlight the variety of materials used in their constructions. These shapes and lines have been reinterpreted to fit with Diesel’s disruptive aesthetic codes.

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Diesel Eyewear, Mod. 0289 16B 01, 200 €

Diesel Eyewear, Mod. 5401 014 01, 140 €

Diesel Eyewear, Mod. 5401 014 01, 140 €