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Roel Rijssenbeek - Art Director

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Jean de Gheldere - General Manager


Contemporary Design Market - Focus on Columbian design

From 28/09/2019 to 29/09/2019

For this new edition, the Contemporary Design Market, which will be the big novelty of the Brussels Design Market, located in Tour & Taxis, dedicates a special focus on Colombian design. As every year, the Design Market presents designers from foreign countries. This year, from the 28th to the 29th of September, you will be able to discover the result of the social and structural transformation of the city of Medellin. David Del Valle is inspired by two techniques for the realization of his works: first it is about the stone carving. But not just any of the stones, one of the most beautiful stones in Colombia of the Santander region, the Barichara stone. The second technique comes from ecological design: in fact, David Del Valle transforms plastic waste into raw material. The result is the golden table that he will be presented at the Contemporary Design Market. This table was made from recycled plastic bottles and was then dipped in metal. The creators of this table want to show the ecological problem that represents the sorting of plastic but mostly the possibility of transforming waste into raw material. This process is done manually, from beginning to end, by the artist and his assistants.