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Anne-Françoise Lesuisse - Art Director


From 19/09/2020 to 25/10/2020 - CPI : 18/09/2020

The 12th edition of La Biennale de l’Image Possible, BIP2020, will take place in Liège from the 19th of September to the 25th of October 2020. This year, BIP steps out of the museum and will occupy two unusual locations: on the one hand, the former Décathlon store, in the hyper-centre of Liège and, on the other hand, «La Menuiserie», former communal workshops which, after BIP2020, will be completely renovated to become a business centre dedicated to transitions and supported by the Novacitis cooperative. An open window on all forms of images, BIP is an event that explores all possibilities through photography and the visual arts. For its 2020 edition, BIP asks the question: «what is the impact of art? » . To address the vast field of possible answers, BIP has opened its pro- gramme to other curators. BIP’s core programming will be based on the three projects selected following the open call for proposals launched at the end of 2019. The selected proposals call on a wide range of artists from all backgrounds and origins, broaden the initial interrogation and promise beautiful and surprising discoveries. BIP is an international, civic, activist and participatory event. It brings together Belgian and foreign artists and involves all generations.

Dancing Plague © Molly SODA. (Location: La Menuiserie/Novacitis, Me, Myself and I)

Les 7 péchés du capitalisme, Envie I, xylographie, 70x100cm, 2020 © Les 7 péchés du capitalisme (Location: former Décathlon)

From the series Alone Online © Arvida BYSTRÖM. (Location: La Menuiserie/Novacitis, Me, Myself and I)

Les 7 péchés du capitalisme, Gourmandise I 58-100, xylographie, 70 x 100 cm, 2019 © Les 7 péchés du capitalisme (Location: former Décathlon)

ViceOrganique © Fabrice Sabatier © iso-document-s (Location: former Décathlon, Le cabinet de curiosités économiques)

Ala_Kachuu-Kyrgyzstan- 2019-From_series_Power_Rape_On_Rape(c)LAIA ABRIL(c)Galerie_Les_filles_du_calvaire-Paris.jpg
Ala Kachuu, [Bride Kidnapping], Kyrgyzstan, 2019 From series Power Rape, On Rape © LAIA AVRIL © Galerie Les filles du calvaire (Paris)

Spider Woman © Olga FEDOROVA. (Location: La Menuiserie/Novacitis, Me, Myself and I)

Black Glove Experiment l Ile Himero, 2018 © Alice PALLOT. (Location: Galerie Satellite)

video UHD. 2018. Production La Villa du Parc Annemasse © Emilie BROUT © Maxime MARION. (Location La Menuiserie/Novacitis, Me Myself and I)

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