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In the time of Galen - A Greek doctor in the Roman Empire

From 26/05/2018 to 02/12/2018 - CPI : 24/05/2018

By following the life of the Greek doctor Galen of Pergamon (129- 216), this exhibition describes the medical, pharmacologic and sanitary practices in the Roman world of the first centuries of our epoch. Because Galen was the child of his times. His writings, his varied interests and his contact with his clients offer a lot of material and help us to a better understanding of the geographic and sociologic trajectory around the Mediterranean Sea during Pax Romana. Twenty years after the successful exhibition “At the time of Hippocrates. Medicine and society in ancient Greece” in Mariemont, the current exhibition “At the time of Galen” emphasises the therapeutic and anatomic revolution, but also the system of the four humours during the seven centuries that separate Hippocrates, « the father of medicine » and Galen « the prince of medicine ». The reflection around the work of Galen, his domain of study and legacy, offers the opportunity to appreciate his input and role, not only during his life but also during the history of science and our present state. The exhibition consists of important works from Belgian and foreign museums. For the occasion, a catalogue is edited that is richly illustrated and written by the best specialists in this field.