théâtre de liège - première scène de wallonie

Marjorie Gilen - Communication Coordinator

16, place du 20 aoͻt
B-4000 Liège
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Serge Rangoni - Director

Tél. 32 4 342 00 00

Architecture by Pierre Hebbelinck & Pierre de Wit + Jean Prouvé (Vitra)

- CPI : 22/09/2016

Renovation of the Société Libre d’Émulation building by Pierre Hebbelinck and Pierre de Wit and relocation from Place de l’Yser to Place du 20-AoÍ»t. The project to relocate the ThéÍ¢tre de la Place’s activities to the Société Libre d’Émulation building began in 2002. This society was established in 1779 with the vocation of promoting the arts, letters and sciences. Located in the heart of urban life, opposite the University of Liège, its premises were destroyed by fire in 1914, making way in 1939 for a building designed by Julien Koening. Partly destroyed in the Second World War, renovation work began in 2011. Liège-based architects Pierre Hebbelinck and Pierre de Wit –the designers behindthe Museum of Contemporary Art Grand-Hornu (MAC’s), Le Manège in Mons and the restoration of the former Halle aux Viandes in Liège – were appointed to mastermind the entire project, comprising architecture, engineering, stage design and acoustics. The project is centred on converting and extending the existing building in order to house the theatre in a prestigious and appropriate setting. The Émulation is preparing to become a multi-disciplinary facility in the service of creation, welcoming theatre, choreography and music. The premises will offer technical facilities on a scale and convenience not previously found in Place de l’Yser, the ThéÍ¢tre de la Place’s home for almost thirty-five years. The complex includes a large theatre (557 seats), a small theatre (145 seats), an exhibition space for visual arts, a rehearsal room and new reception areas (a restaurant, bar and bookshop). In all, the building’s surface area is 7,800 m2. The costume workshops and stores are being integrated into this building, while the set construction workshops have moved to a new space in Ans. The budget for the building’s renovation is 23 million euros,of which 55% is coming from the Wallonia-Brussels French Community, 16% from the Walloon Region,10% from the Province of Liège and 19% from the City of Liège.This will provide a complete overhaul of Place Cockerill and Place du 20-AoÍ»t and will also involve the demolition of the old installations in the ThéÍ¢tre de la Place in Outremeuse and its complete conversion.