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    Winter/Summer 2020-2021
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    Tom Ford Eyewear - Blue Block
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    Swarovski Eyewear 125 Anniversary
    This year the world’s largest crystal manufacturer – and a global specialist in genuine gemstones, created stones, optical accessories and lighting – marks the 125th anniversary of its foundation in Austria in 1895 with a series of projects celebrating the past, present and future of the Swarovski brand.
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    Spring / Summer Collection 2020
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    29/04/2020 > Trends Summer 2020
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    16/08/2020 > Leanmask the 100% Belgian reusable and durable mask by Weimat
    Since the end of April, Weimat, a family firm established in Eupen and specialising in the design, moulding and manufacture of accessories as well as in precision mechanics, has developed the production of a 100% Belgian reusable and durable mask in its high-tech workshops. It is a leak-tight mask that can be washed easily in the dishwasher.A ‘made in Belgium’ solution to the current overconsumption of disposable surgical masks. Following market demand, the company has developed a new model called the LeanMask which is innovative, light and supple. Its name is a wink to the automotive sector: Lean manufacturing which is clean, local production, seeking the right response to the customer's requirement while improving quality and eliminating waste. About the mask... The reusable, recyclable and durable mask sold by Weimat is a light and supple plastic mask made from the synthetic material TPE (not irritating to the skin). Two models have been developed. LeanMask Day, the equivalent of the surgical mask often called the 'citizen mask'. It is used with an FFP1 filter. And LeanMask Med: with thin lips around its contour, LeanMask Med is very leak-tight and hugs the curves of the face and nose. It may be used with an FFP2 filter. The only part of the mask that has to be replaced daily is a small rechargeable fibre filter (FFP1/FFP2 certified) that is supplied to Weimat by a neighbouring firm. The mask may be attached to either the ears or the back of the head, with two supple adjustable plastic ties. All the parts (except for the small piece of filter fabric) may be washed in soap and water, in the dishwasher or in the washing machine. A certified medical plastic variant is also available for specialist sectors and may be reconditioned in a sterilisation machine that is found in hospitals. The product is comparable to the durable plastic mask sold today on the global market by Playmobil or Appel. Unlike the latter two masks, its price is very attractive (10 euros) and decreases according to the quantities required. It may be ordered from 20 items per batch.
    CONTACT : Alex Weiss, 104/9, rue Haute, 4700, Eupen, tel : 32 87 743 041 - mail : alex.weiss@weimat.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/leanmask-the-100-belgian-reusable-and-durable-mask-by-weimat/1051.html

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    17/08/2020 > LeanMask : a fashion accessory and a Kids version
    When it arrived last June, the LeanMask very soon aroused consumers’ interest. With a growing increase in the number of daily requests, Weimat decided to extend its offering — which until then had been limited to B2B orders in batches of 20 items minimum — to B2C. After finding a partner to distribute its durable mask, Alex Weiss, Weimat’s CEO, finally decided to launch direct sales on its website the LeanMask Fashion. Still durable, reliable and 100% Belgian, the LeanMask Fashion is a version of the LeanMask Day in a range of over ten different colours. It is available on the www.lean-mask.com website at the price of €19.90 (incl. 25 filters FFP1). A children’s version, the LeanMask Kids, is also available on the website for children between 6 and 14 years old.
    CONTACT : Alex Weiss, 104/9, rue Haute, 4700, Eupen, tel : 32 87 743 041 - mail : alex.weiss@weimat.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/leanmask-a-fashion-accessory-and-a-kids-version/1062.html

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    21/01/2021 > Smile by Weimat, the first transparent mouth mask made in belgium
    Weimat innovates and launches a new product on the boundless mouth mask market: Smile, a translucent mouth mask, 100% made in Belgium! Its special feature? The durable and reusable Smile does not need an anti-vapor spray to stay clean, unlike its foreign competitors, mainly from Germany and North America. An innovation and premiere in concept and production in the form of a translucent mask that is manufactured in Belgium and available on the entire European market! In an industry where certificates remain vague and inaccessible for complex products such as LeanMask Fashion (FFP1) or Lean Mask Med (FFP2) - partly due to their curved instead of flat shape - Alex Weiss is the only one who continues to manufacture and sell reusable masks. , throughout Belgium, but also in Germany, France and Luxembourg. Unlike the LeanMask, the transparent Smile mask is made entirely from recycled plastic. This new, relaxed mouth mask is a “contact” mask fitted with an FFP2 filter (the filter is certified, the mask is not). It is ideal for professional meetings, gatherings among friends or family or by extension for any occasion where exchange and dialogue are paramount. For the elderly, in particular, this mask offers the opportunity to see the faces of their family again. You can see the smile or the expression of your conversation partner again, and even read their lips if they articulate well. The mask is a real added value for people in certain professions such as speech therapists, teachers, etc. This innovative mouth mask also brings relief for people who wear glasses and no longer want to be bothered by the shape of the mask or the vapor on their glasses! Smile can be washed off with water and a little soap (not in the dishwasher like the LeanMask). The FFP2 filter should be replaced every day to ensure safety. There are several ways to fasten the mask for comfortable use with 2 or 3 straps (see technical data sheet). It can be wiped off by gently dabbing the mask, so as not to damage the integrated anti-fog.
    CONTACT : Alex Weiss, 104/9, rue Haute, 4700, Eupen, tel : 32 87 743 041 - mail : alex.weiss@weimat.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/smile-by-weimat-the-first-transparent-mouth-mask-made-in-belgium/1114.html

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    25/01/2021 > Smile, a belgian transparent mask, durable and anti-fog
    CONTACT : Alex Weiss, 104/9, rue Haute, 4700, Eupen, tel : 32 87 743 041 - mail : alex.weiss@weimat.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/smile-a-belgian-transparent-mask-durable-and-anti-fog/1115.html

  • trends eyewear fall-winter 2021-2022 (preview) -
    22/09/2021 > trends fall-winter 2021-22
    DIESEL EYEWEAR : MODÈLE DL0345 Modèle remarquable de la collection, cette monture à un design unique qui reflète clairement les codes stylistiques de Diesel. Ils confèrent toute sa personnalité à cette paire de lunettes et en font un choix audacieux. Alliant métal et moulage par injection, sa forme géométrique et unisexe est un concentré d’inspiration industrielle, qui, avec des verres néons et des détails branchés, exprime parfaitement les Punk Vibes contemporaines. Les branches ultra-slim sont intégralement moulées par injection. GUESS EYEWEAR : MODÈLE GU77874 7F Inspirée par l’architecture contemporaine, cette monture surdimensionnée, glamour et de forme oeil de chat affiche un design tendance avec des verres dégradés. Une chainette détachable rehaussée d’un logo GUESS oversized en fait un accessoire parfait. TODS EYEWEAR : MODÈLE TO5262 054 Une nouvelle proposition de forme oeil de chat avec clip, un élément qui rend cette lunette à la fois branchée et très fonctionnelle. La monture se caractérise par le logo iconique de la marque, le "T" Timeless (intemporel) écrit en métal sur les tempes, ce qui rend ce modèle unique et incontournable. Cette monture est parfaite pour la femme qui veut être remarquée et identifiée comme étant à la pointe de la mode. TOM FORD EYEWEAR : MODÈLE FT0882 Une touche moderne pour un design rétro. Cette monture pilote ronde et oversized est entièrement composée d’acétate. Elle évoque les seventies et offre un confort maximum. Double pont et caches latéraux. Le logo iconique en forme de ‘T’ est présent sur des branches fuselées et élégantes.
    CONTACT : , tel : - mail : - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/trends-fall-winter-2021-22/1123.html