• pepibru - www.pepibru.be
    24/05/2020 > Pepibru celebrates its 10th anniversary
    CONTACT : Yvan Dassy, Rue Bara 175, 1070, Bruxelles, tel : 02 560 21 11 - mail : info@pepibru.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/pepibru-celebrates-its-10th-anniversary/1013.html

  • hortamuseum | saint-gilles - http://www.hortamuseum.be
    In spring 2020, the Horta Museum will immerse itself in the creative processes of late 19th century artists and architects. It will exhibit over 80 drawings (61 of them previously unpublished) by designers such as William Morris, Henry van de Velde, Josef Hoffmann, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The works in question, all designs for fabric or wallpaper, will be displayed as a large fresco—a kind of herbarium—of motifs and decorative ornaments. Every stage of the creative process will be illustrated, from the first pencil-stroke to the finished work. At the same time, the room originally occupied by Horta’s team of draughtsmen will be opened up permanently to the public, providing the perfect opportunity for a display of metalwork and casts, 60 in all, that give a sense both of Horta’s approach to ornament and of his method of working. Stepping into these painstakingly restored and adapted surroundings, visitors will find themselves at the very heart of the building that was creative home to the master of Art Nouveau.
    CONTACT : Benjamin Zurstrassen, Rue Américaine, 27, 1060, Bruxelles, tel : 32.494.32.06.56 - mail : B.zurstrassen@hortamuseum.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/part-2-opening-of-the-drawing-studio/1007.html

  • gallery raf van severen - https://www.rafvanseveren.com
    03/07/2020 > 31/08/2020 - Gallery Raf Van Severen presents Virtual Vitrine 2021
    After the success of the first edition last summer, Raf van Severen, together with Maya Bogaert, will once again lend his shopfront for 5 weekends to contemporary artists in Virtual/Vitrine from 18 June. Art lovers can indulge themselves at the second expo of Virtual/Vitrine in Galerie Raf Van Severen (Antwerp). An initiative by Raf Van Severen and Maya Bogaert that - spread over five weekends - puts five artists in the spotlight. The ideal opportunity to plan a weekend of culture and be surprised by new art talent. The corona crisis hit the art sector hard: galleries closed their doors, artists had to stay in their room and their creations were left behind in abandoned exhibition spaces. During the first lockdown, art dealer and gallery owner Raf Van Severen and creative centipede Maya Bogaert put their heads together. The duo were determined to make art accessible, even if the government would (again) impose restrictions on the cultural sector. This is how their Virtual/Vitrine concept was born! An initiative with which they offer artists an off- and online stage on the one hand and build a community of art lovers on the other. In June 2020 they launched a first Open Call for artists and selected 14 artists from a lot of applications. Each artist was put in the spotlight on social media for a week and received a two-day pop-up expo in the showcase of Galerie Raf Van Severen. Everything was thought of! In the event of a new lockdown, the works of art would continue to be admired thanks to the large display case. 5 weekends, 5 artists - After a successful first edition in 2020, there will also be a pop-up Virtual/Vitrine this summer in Galerie Raf Van Severen on the Godefriduskaai in Antwerp, opposite the MAS. A second Open Call with a four-member jury selected five artists on the basis of their motivation, portfolio and talent, the originality of the proposed Vitrine project and the extent to which it matches the vision of Virtual/Vitrine. The lucky five will exhibit their work during one of the expo weekends during the summer.
    CONTACT : Raf Van Severen, Godefriduskaai 52, 2000, Antwerpen, tel : 0032 (0)495 54 14 11 - mail : raf.vanseveren@skynet.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/gallery-raf-van-severen-presents-virtual-vitrine-2021/1053.html

  • open-air museum | sart tilman - www.museepla.uliege.be
    10/07/2020 > 5 new thematic walks with art, nature and architecture
    The open-air museum of Sart Tilman, in Liège, publishes a map and a brochure with thematic walks to discover or rediscover this heritage of Liège. It's an amazing mix of contemporary art, nature and architecture. An idea for a trip with family or friends for the summer?
    CONTACT : Collas Christophe, Rond-point Simone David-Constant, 4000, Liège, tel : +32 (0) 43 66 21 09 - mail : musee.pleinair@uliege.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/5-new-thematic-walks-with-art-nature-and-architecture/1056.html

  • view from my window, the book - https://www.viewfrommywindow.world
    18/11/2020 > View from my window, A Facebook group success story eternalised in a beautiful 400-page coffee-table
    Almost eight months after the beginning of this success story, the book View from my window, a 400-page collection of 260 of the 200,000 photographs taken by individuals confined to the four corners of the world and posted on the Facebook group of the same name, will be released on 18 November. Self-published by the group's founder, Barbara Duriau from Belgium, it is available to buy online for €32 with worldwide delivery.
    CONTACT : Barbara Duriau, tel : - mail : - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/view-from-my-window-a-facebook-group-success-story-eternalised-in-a-beautiful-400-page-coffee-table/1079.html

  • cité miroir - http://www.citemiroir.be
    27/02/2021 > 04/07/2021 - Exhibition Illusions: Illusions, you will not believe it!
    From February 27th to July 4th, 2021, La Cité Miroir in Liège will put your senses to the test. It is organizing a brand new exhibition: 'Illusions, you will not believe it!'. This realization of the Center for Liberalists of the Province of Liège immerses you in a world where appearances are deceptive, feelings disturb and truths are abundant. Optical illusions and tactile or auditory mirages cause you to lose confidence in your own mind during the visit. An experience to live with the class, colleagues, family or in your bubble. It's an opportunity to have fun and understand that our brains, intelligent as they are, can be easily fooled.
    CONTACT : Charlotte Collot, 22, place Xavier Neujean, B-4000, Liège, tel : 04 350 99 48 - mail : charlottecollot@calliege.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-illusions-illusions-you-will-not-believe-it/1101.html

  • le pavillon - https://www.le-pavillon.be/
    13/03/2021 > 13/06/2021 - INAUGURATION - LE PAVILLON - 2021
    From 13 March to 13 June, Le Pavillon, a brand new place dedicated to digital cultures, will open in Namur (Belgium) in pop-up format on the esplanade of the Citadel of Namur. The pavilion aims to become a permanent place of exchange for the general public. This gives as many people as possible the opportunity to dissect digital cultures and thus apply the current and future challenges of a changing world, while at the same time forming a reference point for the sector. The program includes an exhibition space that questions the present and the impact of technological developments, a permanent but evolving fun space where new experiences can be gained thanks to technologies and the Playground, a space dedicated to the discovery of the cream of the crop. salmon from Walloon and international developments with the aim of highlighting Walloon know-how and stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit.
    CONTACT : Nyssen Milan, Esplanade de la Citadelle, 5000, Namur, tel : - mail : milan@kikk.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/inauguration-le-pavillon-2021/1081.html

  • napoléon | liège-guillemins - europa expo - https://www.europaexpo.be/
    03/04/2021 > 09/01/2022 - Exhibition: Napoleon, beyond the myth
    From April 3rd, 2021 to January 9th, 2022, Europa Expo invites you to meet this extraordinary personality at Liège-Guillemins station, as part of the bicentenary of Napoleon's death. With an impressive setting of almost 3,000 m2, the exhibition "Napoleon, beyond myth" will be the largest Belgian exhibition to be organized in the context of this bicentenary. In a space larger than the one at the Tutankhamun exhibition, the 'Napoleon Beyond Myth' exhibition shows the main events that shaped the popular depictions of the figure Napoleon, which still left a mark on our daily life two centuries after his death. life. Far from a glorified depiction of the character, the approach of this new exhibition strives to be objective and critical. Supported by several historians, led by Professor Philippe Raxhon of the University of Liège and in the care of the Fondation Napoléon, the exhibition ensures that, nuanced by numerous historical studies, one does not fall back into the trap of putting Napoleon on a pedestal.
    CONTACT : Alain Mager, Gare TGV Liège-Guillemins, 4000, Liège, tel : 0475 71 53 35 - mail : alainmager@europaexpo.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-napoleon-beyond-the-myth/1120.html

  • fondation province de liège pour l'art et la culture | philippe herbet - https://fondationartprovincedeliege.be
    27/04/2021 > Guy Vandeloise and Juliette Rouseff donate their home and studio to the Foundation
    Today, an authentic notarial deed definitively establishes the donation of the real estate of Guy Vandeloise and Juliette Rousseff to the Art and Culture Foundation of the Province of Liège. The artist and scholar couple donated Guy Vandeloise's studio, a magnificent 228 m2 space in the Liège district of Saint-Léonard overflowing with insatiable creativity. The couple's house, an astonishing old Art Deco pharmacy, is located in Grivegnée and is also home to Juliette Rousseff's studio, also a subject of this donation. You can discover everything through Caroline Dethier's photos (www.carolinedethier.com).
    CONTACT : Isabelle Neuray, tel : 04 279 53 69 - mail : isabelle.neuray@provincedeliege.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/guy-vandeloise-and-juliette-rouseff-donate-their-home-and-studio-to-the-foundation/1144.html

  • la châtaigneraie - centre wallon d'art contemporain - http://www.cwac.be
    08/05/2021 > 29/08/2021 - Spring-Summer Exhibition: Where does the wind come from?
    After Marchin, Bastogne and Tournai, it is Flémalle's turn to present the fourth part of this traveling exhibition. For more than two months, the park of La Châtaigneraie will be home to almost 20 weathervanes, created by contemporary artists. The aim of this project is to anchor contemporary creations in popular culture by inviting artists to rethink the weathercock and its meanings through their own aesthetic forms. The aforementioned lawsuit, between tradition in modernity, aims to reach the local population with contemporary creations based on a well-known object. Local anchoring is claimed here as a positive element.
    CONTACT : Marie-Hélène Joiret, 19, chaussée de Ramioul, B-4400, Flémalle, tel : + 32 (0) 42 75 33 30 - mail : marie-helene@cwac.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/spring-summer-exhibition-where-does-the-wind-come-from/1142.html

  • artcurial - www.artcurial.com
    20/05/2021 > 23/05/2021 - Marrakech sale : Mohamed Meheli's exceptional works
    On May 23, Artcurial Morocco, founded eighteen months ago, organizes a sales event in La Mamounia, Marrakech. Among the flagship lots of this sale, we note two painted composite ceilings in carved cedar. These were created in 1969 by Mohamed Melehi for the hotel "Les Roses du Dadès" in Kelaat M'gouna, in the south of Morocco. Also some mashrabiya and ceiling lamps by artist Mohamed Chebaa will be offered.
    CONTACT : Vinciane De Traux, 5, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, B-1050, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : 32 2 644 98 44 - mail : vdetraux@artcurial.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/marrakech-sale-mohamed-meheli-s-exceptional-works/1139.html

  • open-air museum | sart tilman - www.museepla.uliege.be
    29/05/2021 > 29/08/2021 - Exhibition Jeanne Susplugas - I Was in the Park When Everything Rocked
    From 29 May to 29 August 2021, the Musée en plein air du Sart Tilman will be presenting an exhibition by the French artist Jeanne Susplugas, who will be exhibiting a wide range of works in the Agora area of the university campus. From three-dimensional installations to street posters, murals and sound, Jeanne Susplugas presents a series of evocations of the twists and turns of the human soul: fears, obsessions, addictions, intimate questioning... Very often inspired by everyday motifs, the installations provoke an attractive familiarity in the visitors' minds, tinged with a bittersweet feeling that can sometimes turn into a cold and grating impression.
    CONTACT : Collas Christophe, Rond-point Simone David-Constant, 4000, Liège, tel : +32 (0) 43 66 21 09 - mail : musee.pleinair@uliege.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-jeanne-susplugas-i-was-in-the-park-when-everything-rocked/1170.html

  • gallery raf van severen - https://www.rafvanseveren.com
    02/06/2021 > 13/07/2021 - Solo show Josse De Maesschalk
    There is also more good news, because two artists from the previous edition return with a solo exhibition 'Home At Six'. Josse De Maesschalk exhibits from 2 June to 13 June. His painting could be described as an escape from complex adult life. The painter and director-screenwriter tells stories based on memories and childlike innocence. He is convinced that we all crave that brash time. His exhibition helps you to dream away for a while, to relax and to embrace the simple. BIO: Like a child can and dare to dream! That is Josse De Maesschalck's motivation. As a main occupation and a living profit, he works as a director - assistant director - scriptwriter in Flemish cinema. He tries to tell stories from memories and childlike innocence. This is based on the conviction that we all remain forever children, and we all nostalgically yearn for that brash time. Graduated in Applied Visual Arts, he then started to follow audiovisual techniques, while his quest for the ultimate narrative also began. What does he want to say? What should he say? With his banal, normal childhood, he once literally got the remark 'If you don't come from a war zone, or have an existential crisis about sexuality or the 'who am I?', you can't tell stories.' That made Josse believe all the more that we are alienated from the "simple" and that we need it: universal emotions, stories and experiences. That is the existential crisis of all of us: the simple life. Because by being able to have a taste of the first years of life (or just not), we do everything we can to experience this (again). This is called being an adult. Whether consciously or unconsciously. An animal wants safety and peace, to be able to go about its business. Easy. And remember: we are animals. It soon became clear that Josse could not tell all stories, feelings and emotions through just 1 medium (film). During his training he took the time to develop his own narrative and style within paintings. In 2020 Josse participated in Virtual / Vitrine, a platform founded by Maya Bogaert and Raf Van Severen to support artists during the pandemic. After his successful pop-up expo, he now returns to the gallery with his first full-length solo expo! EXPO HOME AT SIX: Approaching the world from a childlike innocence and discovering a simple yet magical beauty. It is with this view that Josse De Maesschalck stands in life and these works were created. They are interpretations of memories and how, as a child, he gave the world around him its own meaning. Creating a realm within reality, in which to dwell and flee. Always discovering more. Josse tells stories unpretentious and statement-free, which can nevertheless charm many hearts. If there is one statement, it is to remain a child forever. The world is then so much cleaner and more colorful. For his first solo exhibition in gallery Raf Van Severen, Josse shows us "Home At Six", similar statements are part of a summer day as a child. Have carefree and responsibility-free time - up to six hours - to discover the world and create your world. From those memories and the urge to flee, fantasize and explore, Josse likes to let people flee as a child... until six o'clock.
    CONTACT : Raf Van Severen, Godefriduskaai 52, 2000, Antwerpen, tel : 0032 (0)495 54 14 11 - mail : raf.vanseveren@skynet.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/solo-show-josse-de-maesschalk/1162.html

  • the annevoie water gardens -
    05/06/2021 > 30/09/2021 - Exhibition - Anne Curry - Curve of Life
    A first for the estate: the inauguration of a temporary outdoor exhibition. From 5 June to the end of September, the monumental works of the French-English artist Anne Curry will embellish the route. The exhibition " Curve of Life " reveals a dozen works inspired by the plant world, resulting in sculptures with controlled movements whose great fragility evokes that of Nature. In perfect harmony between the gardens and the sculptures, the Domain is hosting the artist's first exhibition in Belgium, an exhibition full of poetry.
    CONTACT : , Rue des jardins, 37, 5537, Annevoie, tel : +32 (0)82 67 97 97 - mail : info@annevoie.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-anne-curry-curve-of-life/1163.html

  • artcurial - www.artcurial.com
    15/06/2021 > 15/06/2021 - Contemporary African art auction
    On June 15, Artcurial will honor the creations of contemporary African artists in a major sale dedicated to this art. A rare collection of works by artists from the Dakar School, a school founded in the 1960s on the initiative of President Senghor, will be showcased alongside works by emerging artists in the African contemporary art market. Works by South African artists will also be auctioned as part of a partnership with auction house Aspire. Finally, Artcurial organizes the exhibition "Exceptions from Africa", on the occasion of the Africa 2020 season.
    CONTACT : Vinciane De Traux, 5, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, B-1050, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : 32 2 644 98 44 - mail : vdetraux@artcurial.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/contemporary-african-art-auction/1156.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    19/06/2021 > 12/09/2021 - Exhibition #4: Été carbone - La colonie de vacances
    Created in Charleroi in 2016, the Papier Carbone festival comprising different events and a fair aims to showcase artists, publishers and collectives working with the printed image and desk-top publishing. Cancelled for the second year running, Papier Carbone has reinvented itself and is now ÉTÉ CARBONE, an exhibition at the BPS22.
    CONTACT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-4-ete-carbone-la-colonie-de-vacances/1161.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    19/06/2021 > 12/09/2021 - The summer exhibitions of BPS22
    There are at least five good reasons to visit the BPS22 this summer! The museum is presenting two big exhibitions in its spacious premises: the first solo show of street artist ELNINO76, a collective exhibition combining artists from Belgium and Quebec and two additional exhibitions showcasing Mail Art and the printed image, as well as an outreach project in the learning space of the Little Museum.
    CONTACT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/the-summer-exhibitions-of-bps22/1157.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    19/06/2021 > 12/09/2021 - Exhibition #1: ELNINO76 - Jolly Roger
    This summer the BPS22 welcomes the first solo exhibition of street artist ELNINO76 (Charleroi, 1976). Located in the Dupont Room, it primarily consists of new productions. Highly active on the Belgian graffiti scene since the 1990s, here the artist displays the range of his talent by drawing on the notorious pirate flag, the Jolly Roger.
    CONTACT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-1-elnino76-jolly-roger/1158.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    19/06/2021 > 12/09/2021 - Exhibition #2: Lettres de misarchie - Charleroi-Chicoutimi
    Beneath the title Lettres de misarchie, Charleroi-Chicoutimi the BPS22 evaluates the first cycle of residential exchanges with the BANG art centre in Chicoutimi (Canada) under the auspices of the CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec [Quebec Council of Arts and Letters]). Originating from the observation that an artistic residence in a foreign country is initially based on a fantasy of ‘elsewhere’, the exhibition infiltrates itself into the potentialities created by fantastical projections meeting actual lived experience to suggest the shapes of imaginary lands.
    CONTACT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-2-lettres-de-misarchie-charleroi-chicoutimi/1159.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    19/06/2021 > 12/09/2021 - Exhibition #3: MERCI FACTEUR! Mail Art #3 Metallic Avau & Ben Tripe
    For the third exhibition in its cycle dedicated to Mail Art in francophone Belgium, the BPS22 brings together two artists from different generations. Metallic Avau (Brussels, 1945) and Ben Tripe (Charleroi, 1963). The two artists express different aesthetic approaches, characteristic of their times.e.
    CONTACT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-3-merci-facteur-mail-art-3-metallic-avau-ben-tripe/1160.html

  • artcurial - www.artcurial.com
    19/06/2021 > AUCTION SAMPÉ - First sale dedicated to illustrator Sampé
    On 19 June, Artcurial is organising the sale "Jean-Jacques Sempé, dessinateur d'humour". On this occasion, we will discover 54 original works by the French cartoonist. This first auction dedicated exclusively to Sempé will provide an overview of his career from the 1960s until today. We rediscover his career in the United States for the New Yorker or Punch, and his drawings published in major French newspapers such as Paris Match or Le Figaro. This is above all a tribute to Sempé and to a vision of the world treated with humour and poetry.
    CONTACT : Vinciane De Traux, 5, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, B-1050, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : 32 2 644 98 44 - mail : vdetraux@artcurial.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/auction-sampe-first-sale-dedicated-to-illustrator-sampe/1165.html

  • fondation province de liège pour l'art et la culture | philippe herbet - https://fondationartprovincedeliege.be
    19/07/2021 > 28/08/2021 - Exhibition - Philippe Herbet - Cercle Royal des Beaux-Arts
    From 9 July to 28 August 2021, the Belgian artist Philippe Herbet will exhibit at the Cercle Royal des Beaux-Arts (Liège) some forty works from his series Les filles de Tourgueniev, a third of which have never been published before. This photographic, literary and poetic project by Philippe Herbet takes the visitor on a journey to meet these young Slavic women of today, rebellious and romantic, elegant and sometimes old-fashioned, inspired by the heroines of the Russian writer Turgenev. This first solo exhibition in Liège dedicated to the artist-photographer is an initiative of the Arts and Culture Foundation of the Province of Liège. An ideal stopover during a city trip to the city of Liège
    CONTACT : Isabelle Neuray, tel : 04 279 53 69 - mail : isabelle.neuray@provincedeliege.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-philippe-herbet-cercle-royal-des-beaux-arts/1174.html

  • artcurial - www.artcurial.com
    20/07/2021 > 21/07/2021 - Sale Monaco: 8 medallions of the royal family of Belgium for sale
    During the auction in Monaco on July 20 and 21, Artcurial will sell a selection of jewels from a European princely collection. Among them is an acrostic bracelet in 18k yellow gold with eight souvenir medallions from the family of Leopold I of Belgium, estimated at 2,000 to 2,500 euros. Once opened, the medallions reveal respectively a miniature log of a character from the Belgian royal family. The whole thing is painted in the style of the painter Winterhalter.
    CONTACT : Vinciane De Traux, 5, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, B-1050, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : 32 2 644 98 44 - mail : vdetraux@artcurial.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/sale-monaco-8-medallions-of-the-royal-family-of-belgium-for-sale/1173.html

  • mudia, art differently - www.mudia.be
    23/07/2021 > 25/07/2021 - mudia festival, the belgian holiday in mudia from 23 to 25 july
    The Mudia, the Didactic Art Museum, brings art history to life with its fantastic collection of more than 300 original works. From 23 to 25 July, the national holidays are extended by a few days and the Belgians are put in the spotlight. For three days, the Festival Mudia will bring the village of Redu to life with an exhibition of Belgian comic strips, book signings, sculpture exhibitions, conferences, thematic tours and participatory workshops. The programme is extensive but would not be complete without music: the Caecilia Wind Orchestra, Dear Old Chaps and jamsessions will accompany the public during their bistronomic tastings. The comic book village of Redu will therefore live to the rhythm of comic books on the occasion of the bank holidays. The village church will host a comic strip exhibition entitled "Le Tour de Belgique en BD" by the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels. Several generations of artists and designers pay tribute with their work to their country of origin, Belgium: Franquin, François Schuiten, Didier Comes, Tibet, Servais, Merho, Marc Sleen, Olivier Shrauven and Brecht Evens. Flanders and Wallonia, but also Brussels, are brought to life in image and colour through original writings. Meetings with the writers and illustrators, and signing sessions are also on the programme, with Jean-Claude Servais as the headliner. Redu to the rhythm of art : sculptors, both professional and amateur, will present their works in the Mudia and in the village of Redu, where an artistic walk will be offered. Along the same route, the works submitted by the children who took part in the drawing competition will be presented and the public will be able to vote for the prize. Léon Spilliaert honoured: Belgian art, well represented in the MUDIA, will be the focus of attention with thematic tours offered, as well as lectures on the Belgian painter Léon Spilliaert and the reception of one of his most beautiful works, "Baigneuse accroupie, jeu d’ombres". It is signed, dates from 1910 and was made in one of the best periods of Léon Spilliaert's career. The Mudia, still the most playful art museum, will offer its visitors new games and quizzes. We are all Belgian artists, a village celebrates! During the Mudia festival, the whole village of Redu celebrates for three days. The partners of the village (La Reduiste, La Maison des Laines, Ouvrez l'Œil,...) organise exhibitions, shows and workshops around the theme "We are all Belgian artists". You can find the complete programme on www.mudia.be
    CONTACT : Henrard Tanguy, Place de l'Esro, 6890, Redu, tel : - mail : th@mudia.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/mudia-festival-the-belgian-holiday-in-mudia-from-23-to-25-july/1176.html

  • exhibitions at the théâtre de liege - http://www.theatredeliege.be
    18/08/2021 > 12/02/2022 - the exhibitions
    CONTACT : Marjorie Gilen, 16, place du 20 août, B-4000, Liège, tel : 32 4 344 71 78 - mail : m.gilen@theatredeliege.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/the-exhibitions/1179.html

  • hortamuseum | saint-gilles - http://www.hortamuseum.be
    03/09/2021 > 14/11/2021 - Exhibition - Reculer les murs
    A first in the history of the Horta Museum (Saint-Gilles)! For more than two months, it is offering its premises to five artists and has given carte blanche to Duo Chevalier-Masson (BE), Pierre-Marie (FR), Christof Hefti (CH) and Nicolas Stolarczyk (FR) to decorate four rooms in the museum with wallpaper designed to be in perfect harmony with Horta's work and with the house. These completely new elements are open to the public from 3 September to 14 November as part of Brussels Design September.
    CONTACT : Benjamin Zurstrassen, Rue Américaine, 27, 1060, Bruxelles, tel : 32.494.32.06.56 - mail : B.zurstrassen@hortamuseum.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-reculer-les-murs/1171.html

  • les drapiers - centre d'art contemporain - www.lesdrapiers.be
    04/09/2021 > 23/10/2021 - Exhibition - Narration Textile
    From the Bayeux Tapestry, a narrative and war-like fresco, to domestic needlework, textile has always been a carrier of stories. It is a medium that welcomes the traces of our intimacy as much as those of collective history. From 4 September to 23 October 2021, Les Drapiers and curators Corinne Clarysse and Dorothée Van Biesen present their autumn exhibition "Narration Textile". It features the work of six established or emerging international artists, who use these practices to stop time and pause in the visual whirlwind that overwhelms us.
    CONTACT : , Rue Hors-Château 68, 4000, Liège, tel : +32(0)4 222 37 53 - mail : bonjour@lesdrapiers.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-narration-textile/1175.html

  • that's what x said | new hybrid art space -
    23/09/2021 > 24/10/2021 - Opening & first solo show: Clara-Lane Lens (BE/D)
    On September 23, a young duo - Elisa Huberty and Rébecca Prosper - will open a new hybrid space for resolutely engaged contemporary art at 142 Blaesstraat, in the heart of the Marolles: that's what x said. A breath of fresh air for the capital's current art market, with a committed and ambitious program characterized by discoveries and high-flying young talent. The first event will be dedicated from September 23 to October 24 to Clara-Lane Lens (21), a young painter born in Brussels, trained at the MSK in Ghent and commuting between Berlin and Belgium. Immersed in the world of music since childhood by her father, the composer Nicholas Lens, Clara-Lane Lens lives rebelliously and determinedly in the creation in 360 degrees. She finds her inspiration in the details of everyday life and the people around her, which she photographs as the basis for her work to blur the genre to leave room only for the person in themselves.
    CONTACT : Rébecca Prosper, Plaats 142, Blaesstraat, 1000, Brussels, tel : - mail : rebecca@thatswhatxsaid.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/opening-first-solo-show-clara-lane-lens-be-d/1178.html

  • BPS22 - www.bps22.be
    09/10/2021 > 09/01/2022 - Exhibition fall/winter: BROGNON ROLLIN - The penultimate version of reality
    A monographic museum exhibition of the artist duo David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin (born 1978 and 1980 respectively in Belgium and Luxembourg), bringing together existing works and new productions. Brognon Rollin's projects condense intertwined narratives that are part of the history of minimal and conceptual art. Combining symbols, facts, objects, anecdotes, de facto incoherent and sometimes rocky, the works are highly polysemic and support the unfolding of vanishing lines marked by melancholy and poetry. What we see is only the tip of the iceberg.
    CONTACT : Laure Houben, 22 Boulevard Solvay, 6000, Charleroi, tel : +32 71 27 29 77 - mail : laure.houben@bps22.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-fall-winter-brognon-rollin-the-penultimate-version-of-reality/1172.html

  • cité miroir - world press photo - http://www.citemiroir.be
    30/10/2021 > 30/12/2021 - Exhibition - World Press Photo 2021
    From 30 October 2021 to 30 December 2021, La Cit Miroir in Liège welcomes the winners of the World Press Photo Prize 2021, which highlights the best photos of 2020, at the invitation of the non-profit organization Territoires de la Mémoire. This annual photojournalism competition rewards professional photographers for their best photos and for their contribution to photojournalism. Both impressive and compelling, the 150 photos presented give us a snapshot of the world as it is. The photos presented for this new edition delve into the heart of current events such as the covid-19 pandemic, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the Black Lives Matter protests. But it also shows us some contemporary realities about lifestyles and cultures in the world, our environment and even our societies. These images tell us poignant stories where life is sometimes tragic and frightening, but also full of hope, compassion and humanity.
    CONTACT : Charlotte Collot, 22, place Xavier Neujean, B-4000, Liège, tel : 04 350 99 48 - mail : charlottecollot@territoires-memoire.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-world-press-photo-2021/1166.html

  • gallery raf van severen - https://www.rafvanseveren.com
    25/11/2021 > 12/12/2021 - Solo show Laurenz Coninx
    In the autumn it will be Laurenz Coninx's turn, he will take over the gallery from November 25 to December 12 with his solo 'Endless Summer'. BIO: Laurenz Coninx, painter, born in Wilrijk in 1986, studied visual arts at Sint-Lucas Brussels and grew up in and around Mechelen. Mainly focused on skateboarding and travel, Laurenz only rediscovered his passion for drawing and painting in his late twenties. Laurenz's first works were mainly black and white portraits in acrylic paint, later evolving into realistic scenes with the addition of a single color in areas or splashes. Quenching his thirst for more depth and color, Laurenz introduced oil paint and pastel as a new medium in his work in early 2019. This resulted in an explosion of color on a background of natural linen canvas. His images, based on photographs taken by himself, translate to the canvas with an intense focus on composition in a subtle language inspired by the memory and feeling of that moment. Searching for the perfect balance between reality and impression, Laurenz has since evolved into a unique personal style, leaving specific spots on the canvas untouched and exposing the natural linen canvas to the eye. His latest work shows interesting and beautiful, simple moments in an abundance of color, giving the viewer the opportunity to glimpse the artist's daily life. The most important thing for Laurenz is to be happy with his work and to create lasting moments that stimulate the development of his personal style.
    CONTACT : Raf Van Severen, Godefriduskaai 52, 2000, Antwerpen, tel : 0032 (0)495 54 14 11 - mail : raf.vanseveren@skynet.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/solo-show-laurenz-coninx/1164.html

  • hannon museum -
    15/02/2022 > The Hotel Hannon initiates a major restoration to reopen its doors in February 2022
    Good news for Belgian and foreign Art Nouveau enthusiasts: in February 2022, the legendary Hotel Hannon, located at the intersection of the Brugmannlaan and the Verbindingslaan (Saint-Gilles), will be reborn under the name Hannon Museum and reopen its doors in an Art Nouveau duet with the nearby Horta Museum. This new architectural and museum hub in Art Nouveau style will strengthen the cultural and touristic offer of this Brussels district, which for the time being is mainly visited for its art galleries.
    CONTACT : , 1, avenue de la jonction, 1060, Saint-Gilles, tel : - mail : - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/the-hotel-hannon-initiates-a-major-restoration-to-reopen-its-doors-in-february-2022/1135.html

  • Photographies de thierry dubrunfaut -
    23/04/2022 > 11/09/2021 - Exhibition of photographs by Thierry Dubrunfaut - 125th anniversary of FEB - in Bergen & Gent
    For its 125th anniversary, the FEB-VOB (Fédération des Entreprises de Belgique) has chosen to highlight the incredible diversity and aesthetic potential of the Belgian industry by means of the exhibition« Business meets arts » in three Belgian cities: BRUSSELS (Bozar), MONS (Les Ateliers de FUCaM UCLouvain) and GHENT (Industiemuseum). The photographer Thierry Dubrunfaut is the author of this artistic trajectory. Since more than ten years, he explores various companies. The curator of the exhibition is Wivine de Traux who also coordinates the catalogue that accompanies this project that is initiated by FEB-VOB. From the details the artist is aiming his camera at over mega structures that exist of various layers, everybody can ask questions in front of these enigmatic works, realised without any digital rendering afterwards. What are these?
    CONTACT : Thierry Dubrunfaut, tel : - mail : - URL : https://caracascom.com/en/exhibition-of-photographs-by-thierry-dubrunfaut-125th-anniversary-of-feb-in-bergen-gent/1006.html