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Solo show Josse De Maesschalk

From 02/06/2021 to 13/07/2021 - CPI : 02/06/2021

here is also more good news, because two artists from the previous edition return with a solo exhibition 'Home At Six'. Josse De Maesschalk exhibits from 2 June to 13 June. His painting could be described as an escape from complex adult life. The painter and director-screenwriter tells stories based on memories and childlike innocence. He is convinced that we all crave that brash time. His exhibition helps you to dream away for a while, to relax and to embrace the simple. BIO: Like a child can and dare to dream! That is Josse De Maesschalck's motivation. As a main occupation and a living profit, he works as a director - assistant director - scriptwriter in Flemish cinema. He tries to tell stories from memories and childlike innocence. This is based on the conviction that we all remain forever children, and we all nostalgically yearn for that brash time. Graduated in Applied Visual Arts, he then started to follow audiovisual techniques, while his quest for the ultimate narrative also began. What does he want to say? What should he say? With his banal, normal childhood, he once literally got the remark 'If you don't come from a war zone, or have an existential crisis about sexuality or the 'who am I?', you can't tell stories.' That made Josse believe all the more that we are alienated from the "simple" and that we need it: universal emotions, stories and experiences. That is the existential crisis of all of us: the simple life. Because by being able to have a taste of the first years of life (or just not), we do everything we can to experience this (again). This is called being an adult. Whether consciously or unconsciously. An animal wants safety and peace, to be able to go about its business. Easy. And remember: we are animals. It soon became clear that Josse could not tell all stories, feelings and emotions through just 1 medium (film). During his training he took the time to develop his own narrative and style within paintings. In 2020 Josse participated in Virtual / Vitrine, a platform founded by Maya Bogaert and Raf Van Severen to support artists during the pandemic. After his successful pop-up expo, he now returns to the gallery with his first full-length solo expo! EXPO HOME AT SIX: Approaching the world from a childlike innocence and discovering a simple yet magical beauty. It is with this view that Josse De Maesschalck stands in life and these works were created. They are interpretations of memories and how, as a child, he gave the world around him its own meaning. Creating a realm within reality, in which to dwell and flee. Always discovering more. Josse tells stories unpretentious and statement-free, which can nevertheless charm many hearts. If there is one statement, it is to remain a child forever. The world is then so much cleaner and more colorful. For his first solo exhibition in gallery Raf Van Severen, Josse shows us "Home At Six", similar statements are part of a summer day as a child. Have carefree and responsibility-free time - up to six hours - to discover the world and create your world. From those memories and the urge to flee, fantasize and explore, Josse likes to let people flee as a child... until six o'clock.