brussels design september 2021

Elizabeth Djamdjiev - Event Manager

+32 473 843 923 / +32 2 349 35 57

Jean de Gheldere - General Manager

Tél. +32 349 35 95

See U, an ecosystem playing host to over 100 project leaders

From 10/09/2020 to 30/09/2020

THE LARGEST TEMPORARY USE PROJECT IN BELGIUM. Located at the heart of the town of Ixelles, See U is currently the largest temporary use project in Belgium. It stands for social and sustainable innovation, learning and experimentation. AT THE HEART OF IXELLES. See U takes place on a 45,000 m2 site, once home to the former Fritz Toussaint gendarmerie in Ixelles. MORE THAN 100 PROJECT LEADERS. See U functions as an ecosystem, playing host to over 100 project leaders from communities, economy, culture, universities and even the world of education on a daily basis. PREPARING FOR USQUARE. See U is the transitional management phase for Usquare.brussels, a project which aims to open this historical place up to the public.