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Schiepers Gallery 2019

From 02/02/2019 to 20/04/2019 - CPI : 01/02/2019

In 2017, Sue Schiepers has opened the one and only gallery in Belgium that is specialised in artworks in glass. For 2019, Sue Schiepers proposes three exhibitions: from February 2 until April 20 Baldwin & Guggisberg; from May 11 until August 3 Kait Rhoads; and from September 28 until December 21 Christine Vanoppen & Wouter Bolangier. Baldwin & Guggisberg (USA & CH) Philip Baldwin, who was born in New York, and the Swiss Monica Guggisberg have worked together since 1980, studying together in Sweden. As students they assisted Wilke Adolfsson and Ann Wolff before leaving Sweden in 1982 to set up their own studio in Switzerland. They continued to work as glass artists in Switzerland for another twenty years before moving to Paris in 2001 and in 2015 to Wales, where they currently live and work. After their successful Canterbury Cathedral exhibition, this duo is coming to Belgium. Kait Rhoads (USA) Kait Rhoads is an American sculptor. She lives and works in Seattle. She creates innovative structures using traditional glass cane and murrine (Italian glass technique). Rhoads’s youth was spent between rural Virginia and a sailboat in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Growing up on the water was a major influence, and is a great source of inspiration. Her ‘Sea Stones’ series references these watery origins: simple shapes with subtle shifts in colour and quick gleams of light reminiscent of the sun on the waves. To create these amorphous shapes, she weaves together hollow glass cane with copper wire. The resulting small sculptures beg to be touched, their scale, surface and playfulness eliciting a variety of responses from curious viewers. This is Rhoads’s first European exhibition of her work. Christine Vanoppen & Wouter Bolangier (both BE) Christine Vanoppen’s artistic works span a diversity of applications, permanently displacing the limits of the possible. She experiments with various techniques and materials, drawing inspiration from both architecture and natural structures. Wouter Bolangier started working with glass at sixteen years of age. Today, he works primarily in glass, stainless steel and rubber. His work takes us into a world of suspended animation, where objects come back to life in new and magical ways full of unending sparkles, reflections and hues. At the same time, you are very aware of their fragility, with every seemingly stable instance being an illusion.