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Henrard Tanguy - Manager MUDIA

Place de l'Esro
6890 Redu

mudia festival, the belgian holiday in mudia from 23 to 25 july

From 23/07/2021 to 25/07/2021 - CPI : 23/07/2021

The Mudia, the Didactic Art Museum, brings art history to life with its fantastic collection of more than 300 original works. From 23 to 25 July, the national holidays are extended by a few days and the Belgians are put in the spotlight. For three days, the Festival Mudia will bring the village of Redu to life with an exhibition of Belgian comic strips, book signings, sculpture exhibitions, conferences, thematic tours and participatory workshops. The programme is extensive but would not be complete without music: the Caecilia Wind Orchestra, Dear Old Chaps and jamsessions will accompany the public during their bistronomic tastings. The comic book village of Redu will therefore live to the rhythm of comic books on the occasion of the bank holidays. The village church will host a comic strip exhibition entitled "Le Tour de Belgique en BD" by the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels. Several generations of artists and designers pay tribute with their work to their country of origin, Belgium: Franquin, François Schuiten, Didier Comes, Tibet, Servais, Merho, Marc Sleen, Olivier Shrauven and Brecht Evens. Flanders and Wallonia, but also Brussels, are brought to life in image and colour through original writings. Meetings with the writers and illustrators, and signing sessions are also on the programme, with Jean-Claude Servais as the headliner. Redu to the rhythm of art : sculptors, both professional and amateur, will present their works in the Mudia and in the village of Redu, where an artistic walk will be offered. Along the same route, the works submitted by the children who took part in the drawing competition will be presented and the public will be able to vote for the prize. Léon Spilliaert honoured: Belgian art, well represented in the MUDIA, will be the focus of attention with thematic tours offered, as well as lectures on the Belgian painter Léon Spilliaert and the reception of one of his most beautiful works, "Baigneuse accroupie, jeu d’ombres". It is signed, dates from 1910 and was made in one of the best periods of Léon Spilliaert's career. The Mudia, still the most playful art museum, will offer its visitors new games and quizzes. We are all Belgian artists, a village celebrates! During the Mudia festival, the whole village of Redu celebrates for three days. The partners of the village (La Reduiste, La Maison des Laines, Ouvrez l'Œil,...) organise exhibitions, shows and workshops around the theme "We are all Belgian artists". You can find the complete programme on www.mudia.be

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