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Marcolin celebrates its 60th anniversary

From 23/09/2021 to 31/12/2021

Milan, September 23, 2021 – Marcolin, a worldwide leading company in the eyewear industry, celebrates its 60th anniversary. On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, the Salone d’Onore of Triennale Milano served as the breathtaking backdrop for “LOOK AT ME NOW”, Marcolin’s 60th anniversary celebration event, where the company celebrated 60 years of growth and expansion, speaking of the present day while looking to the future and its challenges. The words of CEO & General Manager Fabrizio Curci and of several partners who sent video greetings paid tribute to the expertise of an Italian company whose history is built on craftsmanship and a constant search for technological innovation. Craftsmanship and technology are the two souls of the company and the key concepts of the new 60th anniversary celebration video that premiered at the event. Guests were greeted by journalist and TV presenter Mia Ceran, who was the “Master of Ceremony” and who brilliantly hosted this phygital evening, which, along with the guests who were physically present at the Triennale, was also attended by a large group of people in live stream from all over the world. Among the guests, the Italian actresses Cristiana Capotondi, Isabella Ferrari and Nicoletta Romanoff, a selection of international fashion influencers & talents, partners and journalists attended the event. Triennale Milano, the home of design, architecture and visual arts par excellence that is located in the heart of Milan, perfectly embodied Marcolin’s heritage, a brand that is built on excellence and creativity as its founding principles. An elegant and essential setting, where vertical structures and LED components characterized and outlined the space, creating an interplay of contrasts with the total-white atmosphere of the Salone d’Onore. The undisputed star of the event’s grand finale was the Terrazza of the Salone d’Onore, a scenic terrace overlooking the Museum’s Gardens, where contemporary artwork perfectly blends into the lush greenery of Parco Sempione. A DJ set was the highlight of the Grand Finale at the Terrazza, where the Marcolin logo, reproduced as a 3-meter tall structure, dominated the setting, brightening up the fac?ade with a spectacular interplay of light.

Cristiana Capotondi, Fabrizio Curci, Nicoletta Romanoff, Isabella Ferrari © Marcolin 60th Anniversary

Fabrizio Curci, Mia Ceran © Marcolin 60th Anniversary

Logo set up © Marcolin 60th Anniversary