la châtaigneraie - centre wallon d'art contemporain

Marie-Hélène Joiret - Directrice

19, chaussée de Ramioul
B-4400 Flémalle
+ 32 (0) 42 75 33 30

Spring-Summer Exhibition: Where does the wind come from?

From 08/05/2021 to 29/08/2021

After Marchin, Bastogne and Tournai, it is Flémalle's turn to present the fourth part of this traveling exhibition. For more than two months, the park of La Châtaigneraie will be home to almost 20 weathervanes, created by contemporary artists. The aim of this project is to anchor contemporary creations in popular culture by inviting artists to rethink the weathercock and its meanings through their own aesthetic forms. The aforementioned lawsuit, between tradition in modernity, aims to reach the local population with contemporary creations based on a well-known object. Local anchoring is claimed here as a positive element.