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Exhibition - The Sun And The Set - Latifa Echakhch

From 19/05/2020 to 16/08/2020 - CPI : 30/01/2020

Invited by the BPS22 for her first big exhibition in Belgium, internationally renowned artist Latifa Echakhch (Morocco, 1974) presents a new installation and a selection of older works in relation to the architecture of place and her local roots. Latifa Echakhch’s work is characterised by a minimalist pictorial language, a keen sense of form, and an economy of means. She integrates everyday objects and simple ornaments far removed from “great art” into her installations. She empties, breaks down, erases, inks, and cuts up these objects to force memory to make sense of them and to raise the question of history and of their heritage. The notion of landscape, as much visual as narrative, plays a major role in the work of Latifa Echakhch. At once conceptual and romantic, political and poetic, her work draws on childhood memories, history, literature, socio-political events, the consequences of migration, and the importance of revolutions. She questions the notions behind the scenes and of remains, the memories and the illusions that flow from them in order to elicit new narratives.