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Event - Servant's room to be opened to the public

From 19/12/2019

Following the opening of the sewing-room and darkroom in 2018, recreated with financial assistance from the Fonds Baillet Latour, the Horta Museum is now offering visitors the chance to discover part of the top floor of Victor Horta’s private residence. One of the three servant’s rooms is now open to the public and a viewpoint onto the skylights gives onlookers a clear picture of how natural light enters the two stairwells. From the landing of the service floor, visitors have sight of the skylight and the drop to the stained-glass roof-lantern below. They are also able to appreciate Horta’s technique of capturing the late-afternoon light to illuminate the staircase as evening draws on.

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Vue de la verrière au dessus du lanterneau © Musée Horta © Photographe Paul Louis

Dernier étage du musée Horta © Musée Horta © Photographe Paul Louis