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Roel Rijssenbeek - Art Director

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Jean de Gheldere - General Manager


Limited edition - Xavier Lust

From 18/09/2019 to 27/09/2019

The story between Design September and Xavier Lust has been multiple for many years. The success of the Design Stories exhibition at Botanique in 2015 or our collaboration for the exhibition Between Art & Design at Kanal - Center Pompidou the past edition shows it. Of course, Design September turned to Xavier Lust to sign this first production of a series of limited edition pieces. For this production, we wanted to present something new, and to embark on new grounds, working on a material that Xavier Lust has not yet experienced in his very broad work: porcelain. A material where the shape, the deformation of the material will be confronted to the claw of the designer.