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Brussels Design Market September 2020

From 26/09/2020 to 27/09/2020

The Brussels Design Market was created over 15 years ago, by three individuals passionate about vintage design, one of whom, Thierry Belenger, is still in charge of the organisation. Since then, the Brussels Design Market has evolved – it is now the largest market devoted to vintage design in Europe - and has quickly become one of the must-attend events of the international vintage design sector. A few important dates in the history of the Brussels Design Market... 2002: 
the 1st edition takes place over one day and is held outside (in tents) on the place Saint- Lambert in Woluwé. There are around thirty exhibitors and only 3 or 4 international vendors (Dutch and German). 2010: Eight years after its creation, the Brussels Design Market moves and takes place in the maritime station of Tour & Taxis. This allows the vendors to bring their vehicles directly to the exhibition site and to unpack their goods from the back of their vehicles. This year, the duration of the event will be extended to two days, allowing dealers from all over Europe to attend the event. The event then features 80 exhibitors and takes place twice a year, with editions in September and April. September 2016
: the Brussels Design Market moves once again and finds a new home in the exhibition halls of Tour & Taxis. Eight thousand square metres solely designated to 20th-century design! This location change allows the event to evolve in a very positive way, and to organise the exhibition halls in two clearly distinct atmospheres. The first hall called “Expo” permits the exhibitors to properly showcase their merchandise through their stand, which is equipped with carpets, partition walls, and electricity. The second hall called “Market” is inspired by the original concept of the fair, meaning that visitors can browse products displayed directly on the floor. September 2017: since September 2017, thematic exhibitions are organised each edition and they showcase designers whose past successes are still as coveted today. Last September, pieces by the Belgian ceramicists Piet Stockmans and Pierre Culot were presented. The March 2016 exhibition was dedicated to the iconic cabinet ‘Amsterdammer’ designed by Aldo Van den Nieuwlaar. This exhibition was organised in collaboration with the design producer Pastoe and the Diito, the Belgian design boutique. Each edition attracts a larger number of exhibitors – presently over one hundred – and welcomes around 7000 visitors. What is there to buy?
Over the years, the selection of merchandise exhibited has increased. Arriving from all over Europe, the dealers present an eclectic collection, bringing together multiple styles and trends that have impacted the 20th century. Visitors discover original and iconic pieces from Italian, French, American, and Scandinavian design created by the biggest names in the history of design, such as Sottsass, Le Corbusier, Eames, or Jacobsen and Panton. Alongside these icons, the Brussels Design Market also offers anonymous and exclusive design pieces at affordable prices.


Brussels Design Market © Mégane Fontaine

Brussels Design Market © Mégane Fontaine

Brussels Design Market © Mégane Fontaine

Brussels Design Market © Mégane Fontaine

Brussels Design Market © Mégane Fontaine

Brussels Design Market © Mégane Fontaine

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