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    Sue Schiepers Gallery
    KONTAKT : Sue Schiepers, Dokter Willemsstraat 30, B-3500, Hasselt, tel : +32 476 968806 - mail : sue@schiepersgallery.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/de/sue-schiepers-gallery/1017.html

  • BRUSSELS DESIGN MARKET - www.designmarket.be
    01/06/2019 > 30/06/2019 - Brussels Design Market (NEW DATES ANNOUNCED SOON!)
    Ever since its creation in 2002, the Brussels Design Market has evolved into the « the largest design market in Europe ». This event, that takes place twice a year (March and September), has become one of the main events in the international vintage design calendar. Maintaining its particular atmosphere that charac- terizes flea markets, the Brussels Design Market has continued to increase qualitatively and attracting more and more visitors every years. Dealers, collectors, professionals and amateurs from all over Europe, come together in Brussels to search for fabulous vintage items, designed in the last century. Visitors can discover original and iconic pieces from Ita- lian, French, American, and Scandinavian designers. These are created by the biggest names in the history of design, such as Sottsass, Le Corbusier, Eames, or Jacobsen and Panton. Between the purchase of well know designers and anonymous ones, visitors can enjoy a coffee break or a lunch break with the original food trucks in place. To finish off, this event takes place in the historical frame of Tour & Taxis’ halls, the industrial building that welcomes the biggest cultural events of Brussels.
    KONTAKT : Julie Tobie, Rue du Belvédèrestraat, 28, 1050, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : +32 2 349 35 53 - mail : julie@best.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/de/brussels-design-market-new-dates-announced-soon/925.html

  • belgian art nouveau -
    28/11/2019 > Launch of the first volume, about Victor Horta
    Launch of the first of four volumes on Belgian Art Nouveau through the angle of Decorative Arts. The first issues focuses on Victor Horta.
    KONTAKT : , tel : - mail : - URL : https://caracascom.com/de/launch-of-the-first-volume-about-victor-horta/960.html

  • conferences palerm-salazar, charbonneau & perraudin - http://www.pierresetmarbres.be
    03/02/2020 > 29/04/2020 -
    KONTAKT : Francis Tourneur, Rue des pieds d'Alouette, 11, 5100, Nanine, tel : 32 477 22 38 68 - mail : francis.tourneur@pierresetmarbres.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/de//1014.html

  • musée horta | saint-gilles - http://www.hortamuseum.be
    19/03/2020 >
    KONTAKT : Benjamin Zurstrassen, Rue Américaine, 27, 1060, Bruxelles, tel : 32.494.32.06.56 - mail : B.zurstrassen@hortamuseum.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/de//1007.html

  • musée horta | saint-gilles - http://www.hortamuseum.be
    19/03/2020 > 21/06/2020 -
    KONTAKT : Benjamin Zurstrassen, Rue Américaine, 27, 1060, Bruxelles, tel : 32.494.32.06.56 - mail : B.zurstrassen@hortamuseum.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/de//1008.html

  • artcurial - www.artcurial.com
    07/04/2020 > 09/04/2020 -
    KONTAKT : Vinciane De Traux, 5, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, B-1050, Bruxelles - Brussel, tel : 32 2 644 98 44 - mail : vdetraux@artcurial.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/de//1023.html

  • eurantica fine art fair 2020 - www.eurantica.be
    04/06/2020 > 07/06/2020 - Eurantica Brussels Fine Art Fair (NEW DATES)
    NEW DATES - SUMMER EDITION The more Antica Namur is developing in Wallonia, the more Eurantica becomes not too miss in Brussels. The fair Eurantica, that returned to Palais 3 of the Heysel in 2018, keeps on reinforcing itself as it responds exactly to the demands of antique dealers and gallerists, whose way of working has changed radically over the last decade. More than ever, fairs have to reinvent themselves in order to attract an audience of collectors and art and antique lovers that have become more eclectic, international and are very in demand by art fairs in Belgium and abroad. Eurantica focuses on 5 assets: 1) a compact formula of 6 days including an exclusive preview, a vernissage, a not to miss weekend and 4 public days in order to reach the visiting numbers that can compete with a longer fair. 2) a target of 100 Belgian and foreign galleries, that have been carefully selected before the fair’s opening by a team of 20 international experts, with the important presence of new foreign galleries that are convinced by the quality of the art market in Belgium and by the cultural dynamism of Brussels, 3) for the first time, an invitation to a young generation of art dealers in the section Young Galleries, with 8 stands of 16 m2 at an interesting rate, 4) the reinforcement of Brussels’ partners like the Horta Museum that participates for the third time and MUDIA for the first time (a museum that is revolutionary by its digital and interactive offer and that recently opened in Redu) 5) new sponsors, including AB Inbev that enables the fair to enlarge its high-end clientele in a welcoming infrastructure, with an integrated restaurant in an open space. Regarding its offer and highlights, Eurantica continues to defend old furniture and the XXth century, and the 3 historical pillars that form its DNA: modern paintings, jewellery and paintings by Flemish masters.
    KONTAKT : Luc Darte, Axis Gate, rue Fond Cattelain 2, 1435, Mont-St-Guibert, tel : 0475 89 07 89 - mail : luc.darte@easyfairs.com - URL : https://caracascom.com/de/eurantica-brussels-fine-art-fair-new-dates/710.html

  • brussels design september - http://www.designseptember.be
    01/09/2020 > 30/09/2020 - ​Brussels Design September 2020
    Over the years, Brussels Design September has become the annual flagship event for design enthusiasts. For one month, the city hosts an array of over 100 not-to-be-missed cultural and commercial events offering a meeting platform between the public and a great number of Belgian and international designers. Brussels Design September will feature exhibitions, conferences, open houses, an Arts & Crafts tour, Commerce Design Brussels and Brussels Design Market. A multitude of dialogues between designer architects and design lovers as well as the chance to discover urban trails between the many pop-up stores, shops, workshops, galleries and cultural spaces. This year’s edition will be marked by the latest trends in Belgian and international design and will be highlighted by the multi-disciplinary spirit of different influences, movements, crafts and professions of current day design. Once again, we want to reinforce the image of Brussels as an attractive and dynamic capital: we will highlight the innovation of our young designers through various events related to Design, in order to enhance the commercial attractiveness of the city. These few past years, Brussels has incontestably developed itself as city of Design. Thanks to the talent and the ingeniousness of our designers. The place of Design in the city starts to have its noble letters. Design September always wanted to connect with the city and represent its various exaltations and diversities. The importance of the event and its influence is shaped more and more: design in its most various forms takes an increasingly important place in the daily life of Brussels: urban furniture, installations, lights,... Furthermore innovations of our designers find its place in the urban landscape. It has contributed in a positive way to the city’s reputation and to its economic and tourist activity. The city of Brussels needs events that put creativity and innovation in the front row. Design September, alongside with the Region Brussels-Capital, the City of Brussels and many institutional and private partners, is proud to contribute to it. This year, Brussels Design September introduces a couple of new events, especially the creation of the Contemporary Design Market and the launch of five limited editions. There shall be exhibitions by renowned designers in iconic places in the city such as, Horta House, ADAM – Brussels Design Museum, and for the first time the Children’s Museum. This is done to reinforce the cultural offer of this 2019 edition. Brussels Design Market will highlight the image of Brussels, a city of vintage: a vintage route in the city will once again mark the 27th edition of the Brussels Design Market, which is the biggest vintage market in Europe. The Arts & Crafts itinerary brings a focus this year on ceramics. Workshops and ceramics designers will be highlighted . Moreover a collective exhibition will be presented at the AREA 42 located rue des Palais.
    KONTAKT : Roel Rijssenbeek, tel : 32 349 35 95 - mail : Roel@best.be - URL : https://caracascom.com/de/brussels-design-september-2020/695.html