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Christophe Collas - Coordinator

Parc de la Boverie
4020 Liège
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Liège Photobook Festival 2e édition 17 et 18 mars 2018

From 17/03/2018 to 18/03/2018

Liège Photobook Festival is dedicated to showcasing current independent photography books. The programme comprises: a photobook market with about 35 international publishers; encounters with artists; talks by artist, portfolio reviews; the "Bring Your Photobook" self- published photobook award. WHAT’S NEW FOR THIS SECOND YEAR? WE ARE MOVING! The boat "Le Pays de Liège" moored near the Boverie museum will be the heart of the festival, hosting the book market and the bar.The Boverie museum will host the talks, the portfolio reviews and other activities.