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Hanna Simons - Persverantwoordelijke LABIOMISTA - Stad Genk

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LABIOMISTA opens its gates

From 06/07/2019 - CPI : 05/07/2019

On 6 July 2019, LABIOMISTA officially opens its gates to the public. This unique, evolving work of art by Koen Vanmechelen is a vigorous hybrid of art, science and society. “LABIOMISTA is a homage to the mix of life itself,” says the artist, who realised this project in close partnership with the city of Genk. LABIOMISTA is the embodiment of Koen Vanmechelen’s art and philosophy. Spanning 20 years, his oeuvre is internationally acclaimed for its exploration of the intersections between art, science and community. The artist is motivated by his belief in art as a catalyst for mutual understanding and as a guiding light in our search for answers to the great challenges of the 21st century – in particular - the relationship between nature and culture, and sustainable community development. LABIOMISTA is an atypical project, emerging from a remarkable collaboration between the artist and the city of Genk. “As the most culturally diverse city in Flanders, we share Koen Vanmechelen’s conviction that diversity explains the present and shapes the future. That’s why we are confident to give him free rein with LABIOMISTA, and will work with him to produce a bountiful harvest in the fertile ground of Zwartberg, both in terms of artistic experiments and social redevelopment,” says Wim Dries, the Mayor of Genk. Four years have passed between the ground-breaking at LABIOMISTA and its public opening. It will continue to develop and mature into an exciting meeting place for diversity of all stripes, where universal socio-ecological topics take shape and become the subject of artistic discourse.

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Aerial view LABIOMISTA, under construction © Builders Facts, 2018