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The leading sustainable fish farm in Flanders, Aqua4C, is launching an innovative synergy initiativ

From 01/10/2018 - CPI : 01/10/2018

Scoop: Fish farm Aqua4C from Flanders, changes the fishing industry profoundly with the production of Omegabaars. On 1 October, a unique circular system will be launched in cooperation with the neighbours of the tomato nursery, TomatoMasters. The Omegabaars farm is a world leader in the area of sustainable fish farming. The Omegabaars will be the first fish in the world fed on a vegetable diet and it uses no water to be produced. On 1 October, Acqua4C will activate a circular pumping system between its own fish farm, which produces Omegabaars, fish naturally rich in omega-3, and the neighbouring Tomato Masters nursery. This water recycling system will optimize the use of filtered rain water and Energy consumption for Tomato Masters, which will also enjoy access to the nutrient-rich water of the sustainable fish farm. Thanks to this innovative Belgian fish farm, Omegabaars will become the fish produced by the world’s largest sustainable fish farm.