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Introduction 1: Belgian Glass Artists

From 01/02/2017 to 11/03/2017 - CPI : 31/01/2017

A new gallery dedicated to contemporary glass art will be opening its doors on 1 February. Gallery founder Sue Schiepers (born in 1973) has global expertise in this sector and is seeking to develop a true platform for contemporary glass art. Sue Schiepers studied art history at the University of Leuven. She then took up a Postgraduate course in Business Economics in Leuven, before achieving a Master’s degree in Art Business from the University of Manchester (in partnership with Sotheby’s Institute of Art) and an Executive MBA from Antwerp Management School. Sue began her career in the economic sector prior to working at Würth Belux, where she was in charge of organising exhibitions for the Kunstforum Würth Turnhout art gallery. This experience prompted her to pursue a career in the culture sector and she subsequently set up as an independent consultant in the art business. Trading as "Schiepers Art Collections Consultancy", Sue worked for a variety of cultural organisations, including rekto:verso and ICASD (both not-for-profit organisations), where she worked as a manager for a number of years. In establishing her own gallery, Sue Schiepers can turn her full attention to her passion. While she lives in Geel and doesn't actually come from Hasselt, she has nevertheless chosen to bring her gallery to the capital of the Belgian province of Limburg. Having worked in various countries in the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion, Sue recognises the strategic location of this city all too well. Her decision to choose contemporary glass art as her gallery’s speciality was not made on a whim. Indeed, her experience as an expert in the art market, combined with an authentic passion, led her to choose a branch that is relatively unknown and under-represented in Belgium, something she discovered during her time as an independent consultant. Sue Schiepers will be opening the first and only gallery in Belgium exclusively exhibiting contemporary art works made out of glass. The gallery will be holding six exhibitions a year, accompanied by a catalogue. Glasswork is more widely known in France, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. The new gallery will fill a gap on the Belgian art scene, paving the way for active collaboration with museums and academies in the sector across Belgium and the world. The first exhibition “Kennismaking I: Belgische Glaskunstenaars” (Introduction 1: Belgian Glass Artists) will be launched on 1 February, showcasing works by Giampaolo Amoruso, Warner Berckmans, Wouter Bolangier, Alexander Ketele, Edward Leibovitz and Ilse Van Roy.

"Blues de l’Ombre I", 2016, 70 cm x 27 cm x 13 cm, construction of Carrara marble and flat blue glass © Warner Berckmans © Schiepers Gallery

"Black Rock Unfolding", 2016, 95 cm x 133 cm, flat blue glass, varnished, sanded. In steel frame © Warner Berckmans © Photo Luc Piron © Schiepers Gallery

"Wall’s", 2016, 70 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm, fused and slumped glass combined with hammered and patinated red copper © Alexander Ketele © Schiepers Gallery

"In blue", 2016, diameter 120 cm, glass © Wouter Bolangier © Schiepers Gallery

"Tête onirique", 2015 © Giampaolo Amoruso © Photo Philippe Robin © Schiepers Gallery

View of the show © Schiepers Gallery

View of the show © Schiepers Gallery

Sue Schiepers © Photo Gert Hendriks © Schiepers Gallery

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