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History of Liège

From 20/09/2017 - CPI : 20/09/2017

A monumental book on the history of Liège in Belgium will be released on September 23. This volume meets a real need as the last general history of Liège is now more than 25 years old and hard to come by. It is being published simultaneously in French, English, Dutch and German by Les Grandes Conférences Liégeoises (GCLG) and Marot Publishers (Brussels) on the occasion of the University of Liège’s bicentenary. This sumptuous edition, written by a team of eminent scholars and experts under the leadership of Bruno Demoulin, will appeal not only to those with a keen interest in history but also to a wide general readership. With over 400 illustrations of historical documents, beautiful examples of artistic heritage, and photographs and maps made to order, the book gives the art and culture of Liège the showcase it deserves. Aptly titled History of Liège: City, Capital, Metropolis, this overview enables us to experience the history and the art of the city and its surrounding territory – the former prince-bishopric of Liège. It also provides insight into the institutional challenges the city faces and its privileged position in the heart of Europe, a position that is the key to a promising future.