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Pluymers Fanny - Coordinatrice général

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Robert Stéphane - Président-Fondateur

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Festival Eurovideo 2018

From 15/03/2018 to 17/03/2018 - CPI : 26/02/2018

The festival EUROVIDEO 2018 is an important event around video art that shows the audience, during three nights, videos in competition that are realised by new European directors, besides a series of remarkable videos that are presented as « Cartes Blanches » from Belgian collections. The heart of this new edition is the Théâtre de Liège, on 15, 16 and 17 March 2018. The festival will expand in a wider geographic zone however, in various European art centres. The competition will be simultaneously projected at various partner institutions, inviting the audience to vote for the work of his/ her preference. The public that is present at the THEATRE DE LIEGE on 15 and 16 March will also be invited to VOTE. Besides the Special Price of the European Audience (2.000€), there is also the Grand Prix EUROVIDEO 2018 (2.500€), the Price for Formal Innovation (1.250€), besides the Price for Original Theme (1.250€). These three distinctions will be rewarded at the end of the festival by a jury that is composed of artists, curators and international professionals. EUROVIDEO 2018 addresses all directors who work around the relationship with their medium and their identity in the world. Personal video’s, loud or silent, musical, abstract or political, everything is welcome as long as the videos do not take longer than ten minutes.