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Exhibition - Calligraphy as Process

From 02/02/2018 to 31/03/2018 - CPI : 01/02/2018

From 2 February until 31 March 2018, Garage Cosmos (Brussels) presents a new exhibition that is completely dedicated to contemporary Belgian and international calligraphy. The exhibition, which is entitled « Calligraphy as process », presents a selection of works by artists who want to rethink calligraphy's visual aspects by proposing a new form. Contemporary artists have reintroduced painting into calligraphy, others poetry, in a conceptual or even destructive way, engaging with certain aspects to rediscover beautiful writing, the Greek etymology of calligraphy. Their artistic choices reflect aesthetic, literary and philosophical considerations that are specific to each of the cultural traditions of which they are the heirs. Because calligraphy has lost its immediate use as a means of communication the rules which presided over it have become outdated and its artistic potential can take on new and unprecedented directions: plural, multiple forms of writing, graphic as well as symbolic modes of communication, the appearance of pictorial languages without meaning or pseudo-scriptural under the appearance of pseudo-writing, or unreadable writing; in any case several possible readings, preventing one linear or singular reading. The surpassing as such of the limitations of a system of signs generates contemplative reflection. The new procedures established by these artists allow for the narrow framework of the autochthonous spectator, who belongs to the same culture as the producer, to be enlarged, and thus they open the works to an audience beyond the borders marked by the difference in languages of the transmitter (the artist) and the receiver (the audience). This exhibition of works signals an interest for a universal language and allows that which was only tradition to take place in contemporary art. A culture of contemporary calligraphic art is thereby constructed and put forth.